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ERS paves the way for exciting career paths in Insurance

ERS Swansea

As part of its robust recruitment drive to fill over 50 positions at its Swansea office, ERS, the UK’s leading specialist motor insurer, has emphasised the diverse array of career opportunities available at the company, including development pathways in Underwriting, and high-value insurance Claims Apprenticeships.

ERS is currently reshaping the employment narrative in South Wales with its commitment to nurturing talent through a multifaceted approach. As part of its jobs drive, the company has emphasised the opportunities available to develop fulfilling and financially rewarding careers through its ERS Claims Apprenticeship Programme and Underwriting development pathway. These initiatives go beyond the traditional confines, steering candidates toward versatile roles in broking, underwriting, and claims operations.

The ERS Underwriting development pathway is a testament to the company’s commitment to investing in its Swansea hub. The pathway offers individuals the unique opportunity to build the skills and knowledge required for a technical and trading career path without relocating. This initiative provides opportunities for professional advancement for individuals to become fully qualified insurance underwriters, a career traditionally associated with only limited opportunities outside London.

That said, a unique feature of the Underwriting development pathway is its provision for successful individuals to spend time in London, gaining insights into the insurance industry. Attendees will participate in events and familiarise themselves with the operations of Lloyd’s of London, providing a valuable perspective on the motor and general insurance market.

In addition, ERS’s Claims Apprenticeship Scheme stands out by providing not just a job but a dynamic and financially rewarding career journey. Particularly significant in a region where such opportunities are rare, ERS’s Apprentice programme offers candidates the chance to earn while they learn, complete with a competitive salary and a path to a recognised qualification, a combination often found only in London.

Kian Hearn, Claims Apprentice at ERS, said:

“As a young person, I didn’t think apprenticeships were available in insurance and finance, and university didn’t seem like the right fit for me. But here I can earn good money, learn on the job and get a qualification at the same time, all while working in a friendly, welcoming environment.”

ERS says that its Apprenticeship Programme is more than a stepping stone; it’s a launchpad for the next generation of insurance professionals. With a focus on Claims, individuals become integral to the claims process as Assistant Claims Handlers, gaining hands-on experience while providing vital support and guidance to customers.

Unlike many traditional learning pathways, ERS’s career development programmes don’t just offer theoretical knowledge. On both the Claims Apprenticeship Scheme and the Underwriting development pathway, individuals receive a competitive salary while gaining valuable real-world experience in the dynamic insurance industry. This approach ensures participants embark on their career journey with a solid financial foundation.

With these exciting career opportunities, ERS is not only securing its place as one of Swansea’s top employers but is also elevating its reputation as the go-to destination for dynamic careers in the insurance sector.

Steve Howells, Underwriter in prestige department, ERS, said:

“Over the course of my five-year span at ERS, the company has provided me with invaluable opportunities for professional growth. For many of us underwriters, our journey started with roles as assistant underwriters, and thanks to ERS, we were granted the chance to elevate ourselves to the position of underwriter within our respective departments.

 “The supportive environment and commitment to employee development have been instrumental in shaping our career trajectories, and I am grateful for the progression opportunities ERS gives us.”

Liam Holland, Underwriter at ERS, added:

“One of the aspects I appreciate most about this company is the clarity in the path to advancement. From the outset, I identified my interest in underwriting, and over the years, I’ve been able to navigate a clear and rewarding progression toward that goal. The supportive and conducive work environment has played a pivotal role in helping me reach where I am today. I am delighted with the journey so far and look forward to continued growth and success with ERS.”

Tasha Reilly, HR Business Partner at ERS, commented:

“At ERS, we are excited to witness the continued growth of our Underwriting pathway and Apprenticeship Programme in Swansea. These initiatives reflect our dedication to fostering highly-skilled roles within the local community, providing individuals with the opportunity to excel in the dynamic field of insurance without the need for relocation. The career opportunities also show our commitment to shaping the future of our industry by empowering individuals to become qualified insurance professionals. We look forward to welcoming passionate candidates who are ready to embark on a rewarding career journey with ERS.”