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Long term recycling plans considered in Swansea

Welsh Government has suggested that it wants the country to reach a 100% recycling rate by 2050. At present, the latest recycling target for Councils to meet in Wales is 70% by 2025.

A new waste strategy is now being developed in Swansea, to replace the existing plan which runs from 2022 – 2025.

Initiatives within the existing plan have helped Swansea Council meet ongoing recycling targets and now wants a new way forward that will help residents recycle even more of their household waste.

In the coming months, the Council will be looking to trial kerbside collections of additional items that normally go in black bags – plastic film, drinks cartons and textiles.

Cyril Anderson, Cabinet Member for Community, said: “Residents in Swansea have helped make the city one of the best performing recyclers in Wales. We are meeting ongoing recycling targets set nationally.

“Our aim now is to consider the future and how we can provide services that encourage residents to recycle more of their household waste and keep materials out of their black bag waste.

“We now recycle a large list of items at the kerb and materials such as plastic film and drinks cartons could soon be joining that list.”

Previously, the Council trialled the use of reusable containers for the kerbside collection of glass, tin, paper and cardboard. The trial took place in St Thomas/Port Tennant and feedback from residents was positive.

Cllr Anderson added: “Stopping the use of single use green plastic bags for the collection of glass tin and paper is a priority for us. The public already understand the environmental concerns of single use plastic and we have moved away from that with kerbside plastic collections.

“Hopefully, we can roll out the collection scheme later this year and also benefit from the continued costs of buying single use green sacks.”