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Four Unexpected Health Benefits of Gaming

There is a lot of literature online on the effects of gaming. Recent studies have recognised that the question of whether games are good is not as simple as black and white. There are many shades of grey in between which make it challenging to address. The violent nature of some games is what has received the most disdain. But numerous social benefits of playing games have also been cited. Gaming has been shown to positively impact leadership skills and problem-solving. But did you know you know that gaming also impacts your cognitive and physical health?


The NHS estimates one out of ten people in the UK has dyslexia to some degree. This is a common learning difficulty where people have a hard time reading, writing, and spelling. Signs of dyslexia include slow reading, confusing the order of letters, inconsistent spelling, and poor planning and organisation, among others.

Dyslexia is unique from other mental disabilities. This is because while someone may struggle with reading a simple text, it does not affect intelligence at all. This is why you find most people with dyslexia are highly creative and prefer learning through hearing.

Studies have shown action games to have a positive impact on dyslexics. The demand on the player for constant focus and attention also improved reading comprehension skills. Study participants performed better after a gaming session.

Pain Relief

Pain is an uncomfortable sensation in the body. It is caused by a vast array of factors and thus can be described in many ways. The basic cause of pain is the activation of the nervous system. Impulses are sent to the brain alerting you of potential harm. While it’s hard to accept it, pain is a good thing for your overall well being. You may find this tough to swallow when you are rolling with a tummy ache or have a piercing toothache. But what pain does is serve as an alert system that something is wrong.

Imagine if you couldn’t feel pain, and you put your hand on a hot plate, or stepped on glasses barefoot? You would be maimed for life. There are many techniques to cure pain, but the most common are pills. But you may not be able to take drugs. Video games can fill the gap in these circumstances. Not only do they help take your focus away from the pain, but research has shown that gaming produces analgesic responses in the brain.

Slows Aging

Gaming is not only beneficial to children and young adults. It has also gained interest as an anti-ageing tool. There are many products on the market that claim to slow the ageing process. The anti-ageing industry rakes in billions in revenue every year. But most of these remedies are just skin deep. They do nothing as far as slowing down the degeneration of your brain, which is the real ageing.

Games that challenge the mind and require problem-solving skills are effective in elevating cognitive ability. The benefits derived from these methods far outweigh those derived from pills and other chemical treatments. They have also shown to have a lasting impact. If you want a real test for the brain, games of strategy like blackjack is an ideal way to take on a challenge. You just need to check out the beginner’s guides available at gamble.xyz/online-blackjack/, and start playing. You can even amp it up by training yourself to count cards.

The Best Surgeons Play Video Games

We have saved this one for last. It is not a direct benefit to your health, but you might be affected by it someday. Laparoscopy is the manipulation for equipment through small incisions in the body. Surgeons who conduct these procedures watch their progress on a video monitor. It is a helpful procedure and is ideal for minimising the complications that come from post-surgical wounds.

A study published in Archives of Surgery, highlights the marked difference in skills between surgeons who engaged in at least three hours of video gaming and those who did not. It revealed that those who played video games made 37% fewer errors and performed 27% faster.

The body of evidence supporting the benefits of gaming is growing daily. Now, many universities are even coming online with scholarships for gamers. It looks certain that more people are going to be playing games, which is good for their overall health.