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Free bus travel begins in Swansea today

Credit: Swansea Council

Bus passengers using a new free travel scheme in Swansea can make their journey run smoothly by planning ahead.

From Friday July 30, all bus travel in the city will be free to use thanks to financial support from Swansea Council, which has organised the free bus deal with local bus operators.

The Council is funding the initiative to support families and boost retail, leisure and tourism as communities emerge from lockdown.

It will also help reduce emissions and congestion by encouraging people onto buses rather than using their car every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday between now and August 30.

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council, said: “The feedback we’ve had so far has been really positive, everyone’s getting on board with the spirit of the initiative.

“There’s no doubt the free bus offer is going to be massively popular so we’re urging people to make sure they plan their trips ahead, especially the journey home.”

He said: “The offer is straightforward to use and enjoy. Any bus journey you make that starts in Swansea and finishes in Swansea will be free. You don’t need a bus pass and you won’t need a ticket for those journeys. This means families could save around £50 over a four day period.”

“The best advice we can give is that you plan ahead and make sure that includes the journey home as well, especially if it’s towards the end of the day on busy routes.”

The initiative will run from July 30 to August 30 and is part of the Council’s £20m Recovery Plan, aimed at supporting families and boosting the local economy following the pandemic. The free travel offer also includes a special Sunday service to and from Gower which the Council recently announced.

The Council is working with the city’s bus operators to ensure passengers can travel safely and that all necessary Covid precautions are put in place.

Passengers can also use the free service late into the evening in a bid to support the city’s night time economy.