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Fresh new look for iconic Welsh beer brand’s ‘Great Ales of Wales’

This relaunch is a celebration of the brand’s heritage whilst looking forward to the future of Welsh beer.

The refreshed Tomos Watkin line-up

New ownership marks an exciting new era for the iconic ‘Great Ales of Wales,’ with a revamped look and beer line-up.

Having launched in 1996, Tomos Watkin has long established itself as an iconic figure in the Welsh brewing landscape. A change of ownership in August 2023 marked the beginning of a comprehensive revitalisation that is now ready to be unveiled to hordes of eager fans.

New owners and renowned beer entrepreneurs, Joelle and Sarah Drummond have taken on the task of refreshing the brand with the aim of introducing Welsh ales and lagers to a new generation of beer drinkers. Firm fan favourites such as Cwrw Haf, Blodwen, and Magic Lagyr will continue to capture the hearts of loyal Tomos Watkin drinkers, whilst newadditions such as Dragon’s Keep IPA, and Miner’s Pride have been crafted to attract new drinkers to the iconic brand.

Joelle and Sarah Drummond in the new brewery

Director of Sales and Marketing, Joelle Drummond commented “The inspiration behind this revitalisation has been drawn from the preferences of modern drinkers as well as successful ale brands of the past. IPA and Stout have both demonstrated impressive growth over the years and we’re thrilled to add these styles to the Tomos Watkin core range, modernising the portfolio’s flavour profile and maximising sales potential.”

The relaunch follows the duo raising £2.1 million from investors to purchase the site, and spending months upgrading the equipment at the brewery in Swansea.

Having grown up in Swansea, Drummond remarks “Tomos Watkin was one of the first beers I ever drank and I’m hoping that our hard work will breathe new life into this classic Welsh brand so that many more drinkers can enjoy it for years to come.”

Apart from a fresh new look, eagle eyed beer drinkers may notice another significant change, the entire lineup is now suitable for vegans. “We believe that by making the range vegan friendly, we’re ensuring the ‘Great Ales of Wales’ will be pouring for many more years to come for many more to enjoy.” Shared Director of Operations & Finance, Sarah Drummond.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition, the brewery has garnered a dedicated following of beer enthusiasts. The relaunch marks a new era for Tomos Watkin, combining its storied history with a fresh vision for the future.

With the new brewery online, the new owners are ready to expand distribution and launch into global exports.

As Tomos Watkin embarks on this new chapter, it invites customers to sign up to its newsletter via www.tomoswatkin.com to enjoy a 10% discount on their first order.