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Fun Things to Do Online

There is no doubt that the internet has transformed into an immense digital world. Increasingly, our daily activities have been moved online, so much so that many people make an entire living simply through their computer. But jobs aside, the online world also provides an immense amount of entertainment. Below are fun activities to do online if you have some time to spare.

Chat with an AI Machine

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence program that responds to anything you put into the search bar. Say hello, ask it a question or put in a statement and see what comes back! You may be surprised (and amused) at the results.

Create Amusing Photos

If you’re after a bit of humour and want to create some amusing photos, sites such as PhotoFunia allow you to add interesting backgrounds to your pictures. Other options include getting goofy with sites such as Moron Face or turning your profile photo into a yearbook look alike on Yearbook Yourself.

Explore Another Country Using Street View

Google Street View has been helping people find their way around the world for many years. Aside from allowing you to see exactly where you’re going, this function can be fun to use if you’re just curious about another city or country. If you have a specific address, try putting that into the search bar and see what it reveals!

Make Music

Did you know that there are websites and apps that allow you to create music with just your mouse and keyboard? If you’re already musically inclined and want to compose a decent piece of music, sites such as Soundation provide thousands of bass lines and loops, audio effects and instruments to experiment with. Or if you’re after a few minutes of non-serious fun, sites such as Patatap are interactive and can produce music simply by touching the screen.

Play High-Quality Games

Games are another fun way to occupy yourself online. Whether it’s sports, first-person shooting, action and adventure or multiplayer games, the choices are truly endless. Other options include puzzles, board games or more intellectual games such as chess. Alternatively, maybe casino games are more up your alley: looking to find free spins? Click here.

Listen to a Podcast

Another fantastic development on the internet is podcasts. These listening platforms cover every topic imaginable, including comedy, news, true crime, health and fitness, spirituality and more. Podcasts also range in format and can consist of one-on-one interviews, solo commentaries, panels or group discussions and storytelling (fiction or non-fiction). Whatever your interests are, there is sure to be a podcast out there for you to enjoy.

Travel Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Have you ever clicked on a suggested YouTube video only to find that you’ve been watching video after video for the last hour? If so, then you’ve entered the YouTube rabbit hole. One of the great features about this platform is that there is so much content, which means that one suggested video can lead to another. While you can stick to the same topic, you’ll often find that you’ll end up watching short clips on a wide range of topics. Before you know it, time will have flown by without a moment’s notice.