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FUW appoints Group Managing Director

The FUW is pleased to announce a new role – FUW (Farmers’ Union of Wales) Group Managing Director, who will oversee the Union’s work on behalf of the agricultural industry and its successful insurance services, FUWIS (Farmers’ Union of Wales Insurance Services).

Following an appointment process, jointly administered by FUW and FUIWS, Guto Bebb was appointed to the post. Guto Bebb has been the Managing Director of FUWIS since April 2020.

Mr Bebb, who lives in Caernarfon, is the ex-MP for Aberconwy, former Under Secretary of State for Wales, and former Procurement Minister with the Ministry of Defence.  As a result, he is very familiar with the world of public policy.

Before commencing his political career, Mr Bebb was a business consultant and company director.  His commercial experience stood him in good stead as a member of the Public Accounts Committee at Westminster, and in managing the multi-million procurement budget of the Defence Ministry.

Welcoming the appointment,FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “I’m very pleased to welcome Guto to this new post.  The Farmers’ Union of Wales has been a voice in the agricultural industry since 1955.  The sector will face many challenges over the coming years, such as finding new markets, and negotiating a new funding structure after leaving the European Union.  As we adapt to a market outside the European Union, challenges such as climate change and the implications of constitutional changes closer to home are issues we must be prepared for.

“I am confident that Guto’s experience and skills will be a great support for me and the rest of the board, as well as the presidential team over the coming years.  FUWIS is a growing company that provides key services for the agricultural sector in Wales. With Guto at the helm we have already seen a very pleasing growth in the company, not only within the agricultural sector but also the wider market, due to the high standard of our service and its community based, homely nature.”

Guto Bebb said: “It’s good to be involved in the hustle and bustle of business in Wales and I’m pleased to be undertaking the challenge of leading the team of staff at the Farmers’ Union of Wales, as the agricultural sector in Wales needs a strong voice now more than ever.  I’m  looking forward to working with Union members, staff, and the elected leadership team across all the group’s activities.

“The intention is to keep the FUW and FUWIS boards in place as they have their specific functions and needs, but there will be an opportunity to create a new administrative structure that will enhance collaboration and ensure financial efficiencies that will be advantageous to our members and customers.  In turn, this will lead to the development of a strong, united organisation that can focus more effectively on the tasks that lie ahead.”

Mr Bebb will take on his new role on 8th February 2021.