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FUW Group looks forward to Welsh Dairy Show

Dairy Show

The Farmers’ Union of Wales is looking forward to celebrating the dairy industry at this year’s Welsh Dairy Show, held on Tuesday 25 October 2022, at the Carmarthen Showground. After 2 years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Union and FUW Insurance Services Ltd. are excited to discuss the most critical farming matters facing the dairy industry with members and visitors to the show.

Speaking ahead of the event, FUW Milk and Dairy Produce committee chairman Dei Davies said:

“The dairy industry across Wales is worth celebrating and we are certainly looking forward to that at this year’s Welsh Dairy Show in Carmarthen.

“Despite a fall in dairy cattle numbers over the past 25 years and there being 15 percent less dairy cattle in Wales compared to 1996, as well as a decrease in dairy holdings, which have fallen by 18 percent since 2011, the industry continues to deliver sustainable, nutritious food.”
Mr Davies highlighted that the UK produced 15.3 billion litres of milk in 2020, the highest annual figure since 1990 which is largely attributed to the average annual milk yield per cow in 1975 having doubled from 4,100 litres to 8,200 litres in 2020.

“There is also a notable shift in dairy herd size in Wales increasing from 75 head of cattle in 2011 to 106 head in 2021. These figures prove that our dairy industry is continuing to deliver the good stuff despite the decrease in national herd size,” he said.
In addition, Mr Davies stressed that the sector has done incredibly well to adapt to the relentless cost of production and that dairy farming has evolved over the last 30 years to become more efficient.

“Across the board improvements to animal health, welfare and genetics have further streamlined our cattle to be amongst the most efficient herds in the world. If the global herd was as efficient as UK cattle in producing milk, there could potentially be a 70 percent reduction in global cattle numbers to produce an equal volume of milk.

“Our dairy farmers have widened their scope, taking on advice and experiences from all over the world coupled with incorporating scientific research into everyday farming practices to improve milk yields which has led to the success of Wales’s dairy industry,” he added.
FUW Carmarthen County Executive officer David Waters added:

“On behalf of the FUW and FUW Insurance Services Ltd. we extend a very warm welcome to everyone and hope to see many of you at the stand on the day. Light refreshments and plenty of dairy related chats are guaranteed.”