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Gain better control and enhance business safety with reliable access control systems

Establishing and arranging a productive and secure business environment in the contemporary world require new modernized approaches. And installation of access control systems is one of those solutions that will ensure convenient and hassle-free access of authorized people to the commercial object, limiting the probability of unauthorized persons entering the building. Configuration and functionality of access control systems are determined by the set business objectives that have to be attained. Such equipment is a quite justified investment since it is capable of monitoring, controlling, and regulating any single person who comes in and out, and it can be integrated with a building management system (BMS), CCTV, and other systems for the smoother and more efficient operation of your company.

Overlooked advantages of access control systems

Without proper commercial access control systems, you could leave your personnel and your business wide open to lots of issues such as property damage, assets loss, theft or breach, and other criminal actions that can cause irreversible harm to your organization. Control systems are chosen because of the following capabilities:

  • providing quick access to employees;
  • the ability to grant the right to enter a certain area to a limited number of people;
  • reliable protection against unauthorized entry, so the system alarms on penetration without permission.

It is quite obvious that the use of such devices really minimizes the risk of the illegal invasion of closed premises. But this is only the tip of the iceberg because, in fact, you get even more undeniable benefits, including:

Business analytics. Access control system combined with the functions of time attendance and movement fixation can become a real tracking system for conducting analytics. The sophisticated system allows assigning a specific work schedule to each employee for simpler time management.

A budget-friendly solution to reduce fixed costs. Your overall security expenses can drop thanks to a properly designed and mounted system. Moreover, modern control systems contain great potential for reducing fixed costs through process automation. Also, despite the number of functions, the system is energy-efficient and does not require large electricity consumption, while it has a long service life, delivering durability.

Boosted convenience. Access techniques are perceived positively by employees. Also, these systems are capable of significantly improving discipline. Not only the process of using the identifier is comfortable but also:

  • the procedure for registering users and issuing a card pass,
  • carrying identifiers,
  • replacement of the identifier.

How to pick the right type of access control systems

Usually, an electronic system implies the application of key cards or entering the code to open the lock. However, for even a higher level of security, you can consider biometric access control systems with a possibility of fingerprint entrance. It the most straightforward way of identification since there is always a risk of losing the card or forgetting the code.

It is also possible to have some extra modifications and upgrades. As mentioned above,  it is possible to unify several ACS with video surveillance. Cameras are activated after the received signal from the access point. By integrating video surveillance with access control and other systems, such as fire alarm, you can get a much more efficient and powerful tool than using each of the systems separately.

The installation procedure

Hiring the agency for the project, experts must conduct a technical analysis of the object, and, based on the information received, they will prepare a plan for execution. At this stage, the amount of equipment required, the optimal type  (wired and wireless networks), and the cost of installation are determined. After the installation, in order to avoid mistakes, further maintenance and modernization should also be performed by professionals.

It is advised here to avoid cheap services or a do-it-yourself strategy because by choosing the right people for cooperation and support, such as Invision Security Group, you will get practicality, versatility, smooth operation, ease of maintenance, and quick response of the system.