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Gareth Thomas stunned as mum and dad surprise him on stage

Gareth Thomas was stunned when his mum and dad surprised him on stage with his Sporting Inspiration award at Thursday night’s Mirror Pride of Sports Awards, in partnership with TSB. 
The Wales rugby legend had already received powerful tributes for his courage in dealing with HIV from Sir Elton John, Jason Leonard and Mark Foster, when Yvonne and Barry were introduced from backstage by Ben Shephard.
Gareth, who had thought they were back home in Wales looking after his dog, gasped in shock and clasped his head in his hands when they walked on, before thanking them in the most heartwarming and emotional moment of the night.
He said: “I wouldn’t be here without them. Please clap them, not me.”
Watch the full Mirror Pride of Sport Awards, in partnership with TSB,  on youtube.com/prideofsportawards from 11th December