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Grangemoor Park closes for essential works

Grangemoor Park

Grangemoor Park will close for at least 12 weeks from Monday, January 31, so that essential maintenance can take place on the restored landfill site.

Work is required to both the leachate and gas extraction system on the former landfill site to ensure these by-products are collected, managed and removed as efficiently as possible.

Heavy equipment will be on site, and to ensure that the work can be carried out safely, all access to the park will be closed until at least the middle of June. However, the path around the park which provides access to the Ely Trail will remain open for the duration of the works.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said: “When waste is buried in a landfill site, two by-products are produced – methane and leachate. It’s important these are managed correctly to ensure the public and the environment are protected. The works underway at Grangemoor Park are designed to update and improve systems on the site.”

Methane gas is produced when waste rots in landfill in the absence of oxygen. It is extracted from the landfill to create energy. Leachate is a liquid and is removed from the landfill through a series of pumps held in chambers around the site, before it is pumped to a treatment station where it is treated and made safe.