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Great hobbies to take up in Swansea

Swansea is an amazing city filled with culture, history and exciting activities, so it’s the perfect place to take up an engaging new hobby.

Whether you’re a longstanding local or have just moved to Swansea, there’s something new and exciting for everyone. Read on to find out more about the new hobbies you can take up in this vibrant city!

Go Karting

You might think go karting is just for kids, but there’s a kart to suit everyone so that you can take to the track and enjoy this exhilarating sport. Great for individuals who want to enjoy some therapeutic laps or groups of friends who want to race, Swansea is home to an indoor go karting track, meaning that whatever the weather you can have fun and make great memories. Safer than rally racing but still just as fun, go karting is a great hobby for thrill-seekers and speed freaks alike.


Swansea is home to some of the region’s most glorious natural landscapes, meaning that residents of all ages and abilities can see them and get active at the same time by taking up hiking. From woodland walks to costal paths, there’s a hiking trail to suit everyone in Swansea, meaning that you can select the route that’ll bring you the most enjoyment.


Rock fishing for bass is a popular hobby in Swansea, with the region renowned for its great fishing spaces. You can also enjoy fly and course fishing in the area, meaning that you can catch a variety of fish in the waters around Swansea. If you’re really committed to fishing and want to be able to enjoy going out on the water whenever you want, then take a look at the boats for sale in Wales so that you can take to the water and fish to your heart’s content in the comfort of your own vessel.


With both indoor and outdoor skateboarding facilities, Swansea is the perfect base for riders looking to hone their skills. Whether you’re a novice looking to stop wobbling or an expert keen to improve your technique, there’s a place for you to practice your skateboarding and have some fun in Swansea. You can meet fellow skaters and enjoy yourself in a sociable, welcoming environment.


With tight gun regulations in the UK it can be hard for people looking for a hobby to get into shooting, but Swansea Rifle Club offers the chance for people to learn more about guns in a safe environment. A member’s only space, you can become a member and then use the club’s quality facilities to learn more about shooting all kinds of guns. Shooting is a great hobby for those who wish to let off some steam and improve their aim, and learning in a safe environment is an incredible experience, so take advantage of this great opportunity if you enjoy taking aim and want to find out more about how to shoot a range of different weapons.


Traditionally, cycling was just used as a means of getting from one place to another, but today getting on your bike is a great hobby for those who enjoy the thrill of speeding around and getting to see all the beautiful views that Swansea has to offer. Whether you want to glide around the city or take your mountain bike on an incredible tour of the crags and crevices, you can find your personal favourite cycling route in this invigorating city.

Learn A Language

There are several language schools in Swansea, so if you want to learn a new language and improve your communication skills then you can. The city’s language schools offer a range of language options so if you fancy taking up a less athletic hobby then learning a language is the perfect pastime for you. When living in this typically Welsh city, you could take the opportunity to learn the Welsh language and really immerse yourself in the city’s exciting culture.


Those who want to take up a sport that requires more thought and precision than effort and physical stamina should consider taking up golf. This gentile game is relaxing and a great way to get yourself some fresh air. Swansea is home to a wide range of golf clubs and driving ranges, so you can find somewhere to practice your stroke and improve your handicap.


For parents with kids trampolining is a great way to bond and have fun together as a family. There are several trampolining centres around Swansea that can offer you the chance to bounce and play together or hone your gymnastic skills and gain greater flexibility alone if you don’t fancy being sociable. Whatever your preference, there’s a trampolining venue out there to suit you in Swansea.

Whatever your tastes, there’s something for everyone to do in Swansea, so use this list as a guide to help you find a new hobby to keep you busy!