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Growing Your Welsh Business: 4 Key Things To Consider

Welsh flag (Adobe Stock)

Wales is a country that is starting to dominate the international stage. Recent sporting success and ventures, including Ryan Reynolds purchasing Wrexham have helped put Wales more on the map. This means it is a great time for Welsh businesses to try and expand and grow. Before rushing into that, Welsh business owners should read this guide. It will cover some things you should consider beforehand.

Look For Welsh-Specific Support

First things first, it may be a good idea to look into Welsh-specific support. There are several schemes across Walesthat could help a business grow and develop. Your business may need to reach a certain threshold to qualify for a grant or support, but it will be well worth it.

You will find that Welsh support, rather than UK support, could help you get the applicable help you need sooner rather than later. If you know any other business owners in the local area, then it could be well worth your time to communicate with them to find out what support they found, if any.

Welsh-specific support can help you get over the line when it comes to reaching your growth goals. Look at how other businesses around Wales benefited from grants, either in the past or currently. Understanding how they benefited could benefit you going forward.

Outsourcing May Be Wise

You will find that any business looking to grow will likely have to open new departments. They may need to hire more staff to deal with an added workload, and they may need to create new departments to continue growing. For example, a business looking to grow may need to open a marketing department to help with reaching more and more potential customers.

It may not be possible for all businesses, especially ones that are smaller, to have dedicated in-house teams. For that reason, it will be beneficial to look into outsourcing certain parts of your business where possible. This could help you save time and ensure you are getting good quality work done by relevant industry experts.

There are a number of potential departments that could be outsourced. You will find that most businesses across Wales and the rest of the UK will work with IT support experts to protect their interests and minimise potential downtime. Totality Services specialise in IT support in London but also works with businesses across the UK. You can visit their website to discover why your business needs IT support and security. It would be best if you allowed experts like this to handle everything IT-related so that you can focus on the business.

Many businesses across Wales also look to often outsource their accountancy departments. There are a number of key financial elements that can be outsourced. It could be that a business wants to outsource its payroll or account management services. It’s worth looking into various options so that you can find the best company to outsource with. There may be companies that specialise in outsourcing multiple departments.

Engage In Digital Marketing

We spoke slightly about digital marketing earlier, but it’s worth talking about it further and how it could help any Welsh business grow. It’s not enough for businesses to only engage in traditional marketing, they will need to ensure they are on top of digital marketing.

There are many elements to digital marketing. It refers to using online communication to forge a bond between customer and company. The big advantage of digital marketing is that it can reach more and more people.

Much of modern digital marketing takes place on social media. Businesses will look to adopt various social media platforms to help spread their message. They will create content and posts to help advertise their products. This can be a paid service, or it could be done organically.

It’s not just social media, however. There are many different digital marketing campaigns that help bring attention to brands and allow them to grow organically. Many businesses will engage with email campaigns or pay-per-click advertising. Email campaigns work by sending customers information regarding your business/product and advertising deals to them.

Embrace Wales

Businesses based in Wales should look to adopt Welshness into their campaigns. Depending on what your business offers, it is likely that there will be a wide range of possible collaborations or campaigns you could work with or alongside.

For example, many Welsh businesses get into the spirit of football when Wales enters a major tournament, such as 2016’s Euros or the 2022 World Cup. This can help you capture more business as long as you are genuine with your efforts. Fans and customers will see straight through you if not.

If your business embraces Wales, it will undoubtedly help with growing your business across Wales. This should be a key part of your growth plan. If you follow the tips outlined throughout this article and have a good team behind you, you should be able to assist your Welsh business in growing organically.