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Hard Rock Casino & Hotel Enters the Athens Riviera

The GEK Terna Group and Hard Rock Intl. announced that they start work on the construction of a casino and resort at the formerly known as Athens Airport area – Hellinikon.

The HR Casino and Hotel is set to start open doors in 2026 and will be a unique and exquisite travel and casino destination in the famous Greek Riviera. The project will include a luxury hotel – 5 stars, a top of the notch casino area, meeting halls, high tech enetertainment and food halls, an exclusive pool and pa complex and a sophisticated shops promenade.

The exclusive new hotel and casino in Athens is supposed to become a top travel destination that will offer its clients the best of accomodations, food and entertainment features – all of these in the mild Mediterranean athmosphere.

Jim Allen, the chairman of HR International said he is trilled with the new partnership between Gek Terna and Hard Rock and the upcoming expansion in Athens.

The new development will bring 3000 + jobs to the market and will provide unmatched experience to all of its visitors regardless of their age.

Greek design inspiration for Hard Rock Casino

The company says that the exterior and interior of the new casino will take clues and will include elements from Greece traditional life – sea, mythology, Greek arts. These will be combined with features of the modern architecture and will include impeccable integration into the surrounding location and environment.

There will be gardens, water elements, greenery and the total area of the open spaces will reach 205 000 square meters.

The inspiration from the Central Tower comes from the sea and incorporates elements like waves, a lighthouse and sails.

The tower has three levels with separate orientations that correspond to some points of reference in the so called triangle which includes the Acropolis, Mount Hymettus and the sea.

The shape of the tower is iconic and serves as the region’s symbol referencing the important connection of the sea, sky and land.

Numerous jobs will be created with the new project Hellinikon

The development of this premier location will create jobs for thousands of workers. It will also yield great revenues for Greece’s public sector and of course value to the country, said the chairman of GEK Terna- G. Peristeris.

The casino development will include 200+ tables, over 2000 gaming machines and a hotel establishment which will house 1000 + hotel rooms with the unmatched views of Athens and the Parthenon.

Not only that, the new project has the highest rooftop terrace within Athens – it includes a pool, bars, spa and fitness centers.

Project’s construction is set to begin in 2023 and qill last around three years. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Athens will start accepting guests in 2026.

Source: https://παιχνιδια-καζινο.ελ/