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Hobbies Picked Up Over Lockdown That We’re Still Doing

The 2020-21 coronavirus lockdowns caused a major shift in people’s lives. In a matter of a few short weeks, the UK public was forced to adjust to a new normal that consisted of social distancing and staying inside their homes for many weeks on end. While these periods were challenging in many ways, it also created unique opportunities for people to start new hobbies. Below are some of the most common lockdown hobbies that many are still doing to this day.


Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned homemade cake? While baking has always been a common pastime, more people than ever took to their kitchens during lockdown. Endless days of being stuck inside meant that many people started baking as a hobby or ramped up their pre-existing skills to make everything from basic biscuits to complicated pies. And while lockdown ended some time ago, many are continuing to whip up some delicious treats.

Digital Gaming

It goes without saying that the digital world was a lifesaver during lockdown. While there are plenty of hobbies and activities do offline, having the option to shop, watch films or play new slot games 2021 in the digital realm made staying indoors more bearable. Having discovered so many options to choose from, many people still play these games on work breaks or during their leisure time.


Gardening was another common hobby during lockdown. It was so popular, in fact, that some gardening stores reported increased sales ranging from 500% to 3000% compared to previous years. With so many people off work or working remotely, it was an opportune time to start new gardening projects or finish off ones that had already started. Some of those who took up gardening during lockdown are still tending to their flowers and shrubs, even as autumn begins to set in.

Learning an Instrument

Musical hobbies such as learning an instrument was another great way to pass the time indoors (assuming your family and neighbours didn’t complain!). While in-person lessons would have been difficult, many teachers offered their services on platforms such as YouTube, making it easy for anyone to take up an instrument of their choice. Even with restrictions now relaxed, some are continuing their musical hobby and may even be aiming to put on a concert one day!


Like gardening, DIY projects around the house were also wildly popular. According to Statista, paint sales went up by 47.1% in the UK during the 2020 lockdown and building materials increased by 31.4%. Remote working and forced time indoors meant that many people have built extensions, improved their décor and carried out repairs around the home. Many of these DIY projects are continuing, long after lockdown has ended.


Creative activities including painting, drawing, sculpting and arts/crafts were also common hobbies during lockdown. For some, this secluded time gave them an opportunity to improve their artistic skills, while for others, it was entirely new territory. As the world has slowly opened up, the time available for these activities may have decreased, but many are continuing to create art to their heart’s content.