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Defining Social Gaming

As you probably know, we commonly turn to social games when we need to have fun or relax after a long day. These games are carefree, intriguing, and engaging, so they offer everything we need to unwind. However, many people disagree on the meaning of the adjective “social in the phrase “social gaming.” Some people think this term coincides with games available on social media platforms, while others connect it with being social and playing games with other people face-to-face. To make things clear, we’ve decided to dig deeper into the definition of social gaming. If you want to learn more about it, read on.

Social Gaming Factors

Some would disagree that social gaming is a relatively new concept, but we have to stop you right there. Although the internet has been around for quite some time, it is continuously developing and changing. That means that we cannot have a universally agreed definition of social gaming. However, we can use some factors that might help us narrow down the idea of social gaming online. Take a look:

  • Social platforms — As we’ve mentioned, you’ll likely find social games on platforms that facilitate social interaction. Those are not necessarily social media platforms but also sites like House of Fun: free casino slots & casino games.
  • Multiplayer — In most cases, social gaming encompasses playing games with other people. That can be in-person or online; it doesn’t matter as long as it includes a social factor.
  • Interaction and awareness — While playing social games, players interact with each other constantly, whether they’re playing Poker Heat or Monopoly. Plus, individual players are aware of other players’ actions and accomplishments during a game.

As social gaming continues to grow and mature, its definition will become clearer. However, for now, we can use the factors mentioned above to help us understand social gaming a bit better.

Who Turns to Social Gaming

Not surprisingly, mostly young people turn to social gaming. In the United Kingdom, around 20% of online audiences have tried at least one social game. However, more women than men have given social gaming a chance (20% compared to 18%). 

Although many believe that people who refer to themselves as gamers do not engage in social gaming, research proves otherwise. Namely, 67% of US-based social gamers are also regular console gamers. Why choose one when you can have the best of both worlds?

What Attracts Players to Social Gaming

Social gaming is still developing, and you can read more about it here. Some game aspects have proven to be extremely attractive to players. So, let’s see which social gaming parts usability professionals should note.

    • Easy tasks — Most social gamers want to unwind when playing social games. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they want to perform easy and repetitive tasks. Easy fun is necessary and casual gameplay is the right choice for such entertainment. 
    • Tutorials — Although most social games are straightforward, some casino games might pose a problem for first-time players. In that case, developers should introduce a step-by-step tutorial that would explain how to play a particular game. Naturally, some social games already have such additions, but it would be nice to see them more often.
    • Social interaction — Players access social games mainly for the interaction factor. The chance to communicate with other players and people with the same interests is a great way to keep players engaged. It’s nice to see developers embracing this by adding live chats and cameras for certain games. 
  • Player scores — Not all games make player statistics and scores visible. For example, most competitive casino games feature such lists, but many other games avoid them. Research has shown that such lists positively impact players as they provide goals and further orientation.

Although most players utilize social games for social factors, these games have a lot more to offer. With a bit of effort, you can find an online game that features everything listed above and more and enjoy a great time playing your favourite game after a long day at work.