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How Much Do Concert Tickets Cost These Days?

If you feel that music concert tickets are becoming too expensive these days, it’s not only you. There is a significant difference between what ticket price is now and what it was a few years back. If you are nursing the idea of going or if someone invited you to a music concert, your first question would probably be how much it is. With that said, let’s look at how much concert tickets cost these days, on average.

The performing artist at the concert.

Are you shocked this point is where we are starting from? The fact is one of the first factors that determine the price of a concert ticket is the performing artist. Make no mistake, you won’t pay the same price to see Drake or Adele at Madison Square Garden as you would for Yolanda Victor. Who’s Yolanda Victor? That is exactly our point. In fact, according to a study conducted by Betway online slots, the cheapest resale ticket to Drake’s show cost around £405.87, while that of Adele cost a shocking  £548.63.

Another factor that might make you pay more for tickets is when a whole bunch of A-list artists are going to perform. What’s more, the type of tour, like an artist’s final tour, can also make a ticket more expensive


The location or venue of the show also determines if you’ll be paying more or less for a ticket. Madison Square Garden is one of the most famous arenas, so be ready to pay more to see Jay-Z for more at MSG compared to other arenas in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. A recent Betway study shows that the cheapest resale ticket for R&B/Pop Soul musician Adele was sold for 641.17 in the city of love, slightly higher than the same ticket in the UK.

When is the concert taking place?

This tip is where you can save some money by selecting the right month and day of the week to go see your favorite artist. When tickets are newly launched, the hype around it can be a bit high so expect to pay more. It is also the same when the concert or tour ends.  You may also pay less if you select to see your favorite artist in the middle of a tour, when the hype may have reduced, and also in the middle of the week when fewer people are expected compared to Friday and Saturday. Furthermore, if you can buy well in advance of the concert date, you can get a great deal.

Now, How much do concert tickets cost?

All the above factors affect the pricing of tickets. Many fans have complained about Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing. Still, if you don’t buy when everyone is rushing to get a ticket, you probably with get caught by Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing algorithm. You can buy well in advance, or even wait for your favorite artiste to perform in a venue that won’t be so pricey as New York’s Madison Square Garden.