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How Much Do House Removals Cost in the UK?

If you’re currently in the throes of planning, or even just considering, a relocation within the UK, then house removals costs are likely at the forefront of your mind. That isn’t surprising, almost everyone ponders upon the average price of a house removal as it’s a considerable factor in deciding on the total budget of your move.

Trying to figure out all the minute details and what will add to your house removal costs can certainly be a point of stress. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you with some knowledge that we’ve garnered from research and personal experiences. So, prepare yourself as we delve further into the intricacies of everything house removal costs related!

Average House Removal Cost

Alright, let’s start with an overview of the amount you can expect to pay for a house removal. We’ll start with a small disclaimer though, our house removals costs estimate for the UK are just that, merely estimates. It’s difficult to pin down an accurate cost as there are many factors that will influence the final price of a move –some of which we’ll delve into a bit further down below, so keep reading.

However, we can still conjure up some potential prices for domestic UK house removals for the most common house sizes. Starting off small, the cost for a 2-bedroom house removal can range between £800 to £1,200. Moreover, average 3-bedroom house removal costs in the UK range between £1,100 to £1,500. Finally, removal costs for a 4-bedroom house can range between £1,600 to £2,000.


As we previously mentioned, there are some factors that will affect your house removal costs. Thus, you’ll be glad to know that you can actually influence some of these factors and, as a result, even reduce the cost of your move! To think the power lies in your hands, so you can achieve a very agreeable price, instead of having the proverbial wool pulled over your eyes and being charged extra!


Okay, we are going to start off with a factor that, in earnest, you won’t have much of an influence over, lest you have the ability to warp time and space, but in that case, you probably wouldn’t be searching for a removal company. Thus, assuming you don’t hold some supernatural ability, distance is an important factor to keep in mind as every mile will add to the cost, granted one mile won’t make much of a difference, but they will add up.

However, an important thing for you to consider is that removal companies will often either charge by the mile or by the minute. If the distance is short but the chance of obstacles (such as city traffic) is high, by the mile might work in your favour. While with a great distance that is quick to traverse (such as a large distance with a motorway), by the minute could help reduce your costs!

Removal Company

Unless you have a moving van, a small move, or a workforce, then it might be worth considering hiring a professional removal company to help you with moving house. Your choice of removal company won’t only affect your house removal costs but also the level of stress you feel when moving.

If you decide to opt for a removal company, you should also give some thought to the comprehensiveness of the services offered. While you might save money with a budget company, you’ll need to ask yourself what is being left out of their service that results in this low quote!


This is something that you have a lot of control over as you decide what you really want to bring to your new home. It may not necessarily warrant stating, but the more you move the more you’ll pay. Space is money! Whether you want a cheaper or, for whatever reason, a more expensive removal, it’s time to cast an eye over your worldly possession to see what you need to ‘rehome away from your home’ or what the Diderot Effect inspires you to keep. As a side note, we really do recommend that you save the shopping spree until after you’ve moved.


You might not be aware, but there’s a specific season in the removal industry when house removal costs will increase due to demand. This usually occurs during the summer months when people are free, and students are out of classes. So, unless you would like to pay the premium for a summer relocation, or have no other option, then you should strive to move during any other period of the year.


Depending on where your old and new home are located, you could face an extra cost. This would be in the form of roadside parking, as the removal van can’t just park anywhere on the road! In order to be legally parked outside your home, and also to ensure there’s space to park, they’ll need to secure permission from the local authorities, which will come at your expense.

Furthermore, if you require a moving lift (how cool!) to remove your furniture from your house, you can expect a bill for the hiring of said vehicle. It can be a little worrisome to see your belongings dangling in mid-air, but it might be slightly better than them being dropped down the stairs.


With all this talk about dropping items, you might be looking at all your valuable possessions and fearing the worst about your goods sustaining damage. To put yourself at ease, you should consider an insurance policy for your removal. It may add to your house removal costs, but at the end of the day, it will protect you from replacing your belongings out of pocket!

Additional Services

Like everything, there are additional services that you can avail of for your removal. Depending on your needs, you may want to make use of them. On one hand, they’ll add to your total house removal costs. On the other hand, these services are usually very useful and time saving. Some of the additional services offered by removal companies include packing, dismantling and assembly, storage, and fragile item removal.

If you choose to avail of any extra service, you can expect to pay for them. For example, packing can cost around £250, depending on how much you own. Add an extra £100 if you then decide to have the removal company disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Furthermore, if you have a fragile or difficult item to move, like a piano, you’re looking at another £100. And to think, we haven’t even mentioned storage, which will be a weekly charge, ranging from £30-£50 depending on volume and other factors.

Be sure to only request the additional services that you actually need, otherwise you might end up paying through the nose and we can imagine that the last thing you want is bloated house removals costs.

A Final Word

By now, you should be well on your way to understanding some of the intricacies of house removal costs in the UK. And, as you can see, there are several factors that can add or subtract costs! Hopefully you now understand those factors and can exert some influence and reduce the cost of you home removal. So, have a pleasant house removal!

But hold on! Before we properly say goodbye, we just want to emphasise how important it is that you tell HMRC and your local council about a change in address for tax reasons. Forgetting to do this could add a big, fat fine to your house removals costs, and that’s the last thing you’ll want!