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How to Accept Life Changes During Graduation Year

Students around the globe spend the better part of their lives buried in books and revising for exams.

Until the graduation year, when you realise that you are almost saying goodbye to the ‘student’ title and take up the ‘adult’ title. Although everyone has a unique path in life, it is normal to compare yourself with your fellow classmates or those who graduated earlier.  Graduating is a great step in life, and thinking about it can be overwhelming.

To mentally prepare students for the change, tutors will often require you to write an essay on what you envision your graduate university life will be. You could also be required to write what you think will change after your graduation. There are also numerous free essay examples at https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/life/ that can give you an insight into students’ university life and the changes that they experience. With these samples, you will be mentally prepared for what to expect after graduation.

How Your Personal Life Will Change

 You Will Get New Friends

You and your current friends might end up pursuing different life paths. You might remain in close contact with your MVPs, but there are those whose communication will crumble.  This is, however, totally fine, and these changes are bound to happen in all your adult life as you experience new phases in your life.

You Will Be Control of Your Life

 Being a graduate student, it is okay to procrastinate and postpone life decisions.  But this will no longer work after graduation. Your life is dependent on every small or significant decision you make every day. This is not to say that every decision must be right since even the bad decision will act as a lesson to make better decisions. However, you have the responsibility to decide the best course for your life. This may sound scary, but it is what adulting is all about.

Freedom to Do Things You Actually Love

On the brighter side, you will also have the freedom to do the things that you actually love. While in school, you are often buried with all the coursework, which leaves no room for other activities. After graduation, you can decide to take a year off and do all the things you wished you had time for.  Even after getting a full-time job, you will still have the weekend and evenings to pursue your passions.

You Get Your Own Living Space

After graduation, you also have the freedom to move out of your parents’ house. You might also have no option but to have your own space if you land a job in another city. This then comes with the responsibility of taking care of all the house related chores as well as paying the bills.

Value Networking More 

Life of a grad student can be quite introverted but not in real life. Despite how uncomfortable it can get reaching out to people, you will come to value the importance of networking.  It is through networking that you get to build relationships with industry professionals and also develop essential interpersonal skills.

How to Relate with Time

Life as a graduate can be overwhelming and is the reason why it is important to relate with time. This period was bound to happen and as scary as it can be, you are not the first to be in this position. There were other graduates before you who have made it in life. The key aspect that will help you get through this time is to take each day at a time.  Let yourself off the hook and decide not to be so hard on yourself.

It is also important to stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone will reach their success at their own time and rate. Take this time to explore your passions as you give yourself the time to decide what you want to do with your life.