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How to Check a Gambling License of a Casino?

If you are now in search of a decent online casino, then do not rush, take your time, and check a casino before investing money in the game.

It is better to carefully study all the available information to pick a worthy and honest establishment with a gambling license being in place. Only in such a way, you can distinguish a trusted gambling hall that you can safely go with without risking your personal information and money. So let’s go into details on how to check a gambling license of a casino.

Gambling Licenses Available Today

Nowadays, there are multiple regulatory bodies issuing gambling licenses today. Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta, Costa Rica, and the UK are some organizations responsible for regulating and controlling this business. All the above authorities have the basic principles for evaluating casino operation, its safety, and a level of professionalism. Still, they all have different requirements that a casino should stick to get a gambling license. So if you want to become a member of a professional gambling establishment, then you should always have an eye on what easywinnings.net say and check the permissive documentation a casino has in its arsenal.

#1 — Curacao License

The authenticity of a gambling license issued in the jurisdiction of Curacao is almost impossible to verify. At least, it is not so easy. Since there is no site where you could enter the name of a casino and check the license number online, there is only one option for a player here. One should make a request directly to the jurisdiction and wait for an answer from them. If you have any kind of embarrassment when playing in an online casino with the Curacao license, then you are to contact the casino support directly and ask for license scans.

#2 — Costa Rica License

When it comes to the Costa Rica gambling license, the situation is similar to the above. The Costa Rican license is difficult to check online. Since 2012, Costa Rica has been trying to resolve this issue and tried to create a bill so that the license is specifically for gambling. At the moment, the bill is under development, and no changes to the process have been made so far.

#3 — the UK License

The most reliable and prestigious license is the one issued by the UK commission. The regulatory body has an official website, where you can easily check the license they have issued. On the site, you will also find information about the status of the license and whether an online casino had any issues during its operation. For customer protection, this is the most reliable license. Any player can write a complaint, and the UK commission will immediately apply sanctions and will be very stringent regarding the casino.

#4 — Gibraltar License

Gibraltar is also a very strong and reliable licensing jurisdiction. It is rated slightly higher than Curacao simply because this regulatory body has been functioning for many years and never had problems with the casinos it provided gambling documentation with. There is an official site of Gibraltar commission, where you can find a list of companies that are licensed in this jurisdiction. If the online casino claims to have a Gibraltar license but you couldn’t find this information on the official site of the commission, then it is most probably a fake.

#5 — Malta License

Malta committee comes after the UK commission in terms of the rigidity of issuing licenses and further monitoring the operation of online casinos. It is believed that getting a Malta license is very prestigious. Therefore, players of an online casino that has a gaming license in Malta can rest assured about their safety as well as the fairness of the game. In case you do not trust what a casino states on their site, you can always verify the information. Malta has a website where you can check the authenticity and status of the license.