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How to choose a coffee table for your living room?

To get the perfect coffee table for your living room you first need to consider two factors. What is its form and what is its function? In other words, how do you want it to look and what will it be used for? These days  coffee cups may still be one thing placed there but as we all know a central table in your living space can provide a myriad of uses. Takeouts, homework, Lego building and a place to keep your remote controls and that’s just for starters. In this article we will look at the factors you need to think about before going shopping to ensure you get the best coffee table for your living room

What shape should you choose?

You can get oblong, square, round and free form coffee tables. We will consider each below to see what works best in your living room taking size and looks into consideration.

Round coffee table

Modern round coffee tables like this have the advantage of no sharp edges, so if you have young children this would be advisable. They can be super sociable and also give more room to walk around it than other designs. If you are attracted to the latest organic trend in interior decor this shape could be for you.

Square coffee table

Probably the most practical if you have the room. Especially if you want to encompass storage such as drawers or a shelf underneath. The square coffee table creates clean lines and can be restful on the eye.

Oblong coffee table

These tend to be the most useful shape. If placed in front of a sofa make sure it is at least half the length of your couch but not longer than it. Allow 14-28 inches in front of the sofa to avoid feeling hemmed in.

Oval coffee table

Similar to oblong but gives a little more walkway space. An oval table can make an interesting design statement.

Free form

Want to create some drama? If this fits with your all over theme these, usually designer led, tables can make a great impact

Coffee table sets

Coffee table sets are becoming more popular. Having 2 or 3 tables grouped together can give interest and texture- either go for the same materials or mix and match. Some sets are fixed or can be stacked away for greater versatility.

What is your coffee table for?

Apart from cups, will you be needing your coffee table to be multi-functional? If your kids use it for colouring or playing board games, a table with drawers can be a good idea. If you regularly eat in your living room, a flip top which allows you to extend the height of your coffee table means you can enjoy it in comfort. Do you want your coffee table to be a design piece statement? Or somewhere to display art books.

Coffee table in small living room

Minimalist design works best here-think clean surface and spindle legs, or glass topped so that you can see beyond the table itself.  Use a nesting set for when you have guests.  Maybe a vintage trunk which can double up as storage-always useful when living in a small space

Living room- round, glass coffee table

A round, glass topped table can be an elegant addition.The light reflects on it and it is a great basis for displaying flowers or trinkets.

The final word

Now you have got some tips on what’s the best coffee table for you-we hope you enjoy shopping in your favourite store for the perfect find. Once you have it in pride of place in your living room, invite your friends over for a latte and a natter-but don’t forget the coasters!