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How to Cope When You’re Going Through a Divorce at Uni

Divorcing is tough as it is, but when you are a university student, it can be even harder, especially when you are faced with your studies. In this article, we’re going to provide insight into how to cope when you’re going through a divorce at Uni.

Divorce is difficult for everyone, no matter what point they’re at in life. During a divorce, negative feelings are common, such as disbelief, stress, depression, hurt, anger, and many others.

That said, being a university student and facing divorce is quite uncommon; as a minority, you may be left feeling alone with your feelings. This can exacerbate any negative feelings, as you are likely to be unique in the situation due to your youthful surroundings and situation.

The longer you don’t deal with these feelings, however, the more it has the chance to affect other aspects of your life, such as your university work. Approaching divorce solicitors is just the beginning to help make the process stress free so you can fully focus on your studies. Keep reading to find out some more ways you can cope with your divorce during Uni…

5 Ways to Cope with Your Divorce During University

1.Let Your Emotions Out

Never let your emotions bottle up till the point you feel as if you need to explode. If you need to cry, even just the smallest bit, open the flood gates, let those tears roll out because that is what your body needs.

Divorce pretty much represents the death of a marriage, so it can be similarly compared to the grief of losing a loved one to death. When you’ve spent so long with them, lived with them, learnt their traits and habits, perhaps even had a child with them, it can really hurt when they’re no longer there anymore.

One way of letting your emotions out is to have a couple of days where you chill in bed or on the sofa, with a big cosy blanket, lots of your favourite snacks and watch endless movies. Whatever takes your fancy – it might be a horror, a comedy, romantic movie. If you need an example of movies that are perfect for crying, Cosmopolitan has created a list of 77 movies to try.

2. Remove Them from Your Life

Sometimes, we want to hold onto the memories we have, even when someone is no longer part of our lives. This might be the case for you, particularly if you lived with your spouse before your divorce. It’s likely you’re still living in the same property, or you have reminders of them, even if it’s a coffee cup, a pillow or photos together.

The best thing to do is remove those reminders, and start fresh with new pictures and new belongings. If living in the same property is too much to cope with, perhaps look at moving elsewhere. As a university student, there will be plenty of student accommodation or other students who are looking for housemates.

3. Meet New People

The great thing about being a student during a divorce is that you have the ability to go out there and meet loads of new people. If you were living with your spouse prior to the divorce, consider finding other students who need a roommate, and live the full-on university experience.

This way, you will be living like the majority of other students but also have new people to get to know better, and do stuff with. They may even help you to come to terms with your divorce and assist you in overcoming it.

4. Pursue Romantic Interests

Sometimes,putting yourself out there and meeting new romantic partners is the best way to get over someone else. If you aren’t looking for anything serious, then make sure that they are aware of that too. You never know; you might find they are the person that you want to be with and relate to. Life can surprise you.

Wealthy Single Mommy has provided a blog post about dating after divorce – certainly worth a look at if you’re thinking about the next steps.

5. Pursue New Hobbies

Universities always has loads of different clubs that you can join throughout your time studying there. After a divorce is the best time to find a new hobby, as it will help to take your mind off your ex and put all your thoughts and effort into that hobby. Even if your university doesn’t offer a hobby you’re interested in, you are likely to be able to find it in your local city.

Even if you don’t want to physically go somewhere to pursue this hobby, there are certain things you can take up at home, such as embroidery, painting, and more. SkillScouter has provided a list for students looking to pursue new hobbies.

Divorce At Uni Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

You might think no one else around you understand how you feel, especially when they’re young students. But, a divorce at university might just be the best possible place.

After all, you can fully delve into your students, join a club, meet new people. They may not fully understand, but they will be able to help you take your mind off of it.

Have you been through a divorce whilst studying at Uni? Can you provide some insight for those facing the same? If so, please leave a comment down below.