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Must Do’s for Tenants Before Moving Out

Moving out is always hectic. There are way too many things to do and way too little time. This is especially hard for tenants as they have to not only pack their belongings and move they also have to ensure that they leave the place the same way they found it.

Change of Address
In addition to all the other things that will need doing before you move, something you may need to do in advance is apply for a change in address. It is important that you change your address on almost everything you get mail or bills for, internet providers, healthcare providers, and insurance. Make sure that your electricity and water are shut off a day after you move out so that your move can take place easily and that electricity and water are turned on a day before you move into your new place. Don’t forget to change your postal address for any subscriptions you may want to keep. Change of address may take some processing time, so it is a good idea to get this done as soon as possible.

Pack, Pack, Pack

When you start packing, the first step is to move all your personal belongings and furniture separately to a side. That will make cleaning the place up a lot easier, and ensure that any furniture that was provided by the landlord stays where it is. Don’t leave any of your furniture behind, you might think it’s a nice thing to do, leave behind the table you don’t need, but your landlord might not see eye to eye and charge you for the cost of removing that table from the premises.

End of Tenancy Cleaning
This is a must if you’re a renter and want your safety deposit back. Things that came with the place should be cleaned; scrub the carpets, make sure that no ketchup stains are left on the couch, and that all the kitchen counters are squeaky clean. If cleaning is too hard and stressful for you then I recommend that you hire a professional to do it. Start by looking up end of tenancy cleaning cost in London or ask your landlord which company they use. Use spackle to fill up any nail holes you may have left in the walls from pictures or shelves you may have hung up. If you have repainted the walls then you should probably take some time out to repaint them to the original color.

Return Keys
All copies of the house or apartment keys must be returned to the landlord, the original as well as any of the copies you gave to your family and friends. My suggestion is that before you move out have your landlord conduct an inspection to make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly and to their satisfaction. Sometimes disputes arise and to avoid any further problems it is always good to always have proof. Therefore before handing over the keys or vacating the premises, take a picture of the cleaned area so you can prove that you left the place in an appropriate condition.

As stressful as it is, moving can also be an exciting time whether you are moving into a different country or just down the street. I hope that these suggestions make your move a lot easier. Final word of advice, don’t forget to have some fun along the way!