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How to create a shady spot in your garden

Our gardens are one of our favourite places in the world. It is a haven away from the world and an extension of our home. In the summer months, it is lovely to spend some time outdoors. Yet, there can be too much of a good thing, and gardens can be suntraps in certain periods of the day and unbearable. Here we provide some garden shade ideas to help you make the most of every moment in your outdoor space.

The Parasol

One of the simplest ways to create shade in your garden is with a parasol. It can free stand on your patio or form a centre point on your table. The great advantage of a parasol is that you can twist it in the direction the sun is coming from. There are also some beautiful designs you can buy that can become a feature of your patio area. However, you can also get something much more subtle if you want your garden to shine.

A consequence of choosing a parasol is the impact of the changing weather. While a parasol may withstand a shower, it will not enjoy a storm. If it gets too windy or the rain comes down, your parasol will likely be destroyed. Therefore, you will need to be on the ball to cover it up or put it away when not in use.

An Awning

An awning is a more permanent solution and one that helps you out easily on a sunny day. Many awnings have mechanical retraction, so you can roll these out or put them away when required. The awning is a little more expensive than a parasol and is fixed to a part of your house, so it doesn’t allow you to stray too far into your garden. However, it is a great way to keep the sun out of a room and keep it from getting too hot.

The Shade Sails

You might not have heard of shade sails, as they are not as common as parasols and awnings. The shade sail offers some shade but also allows brightness through too. As the fabric used is breathable and waterproof, you can keep these out throughout the British summer. The great thing here is that they come in some striking designs and become a standout feature in your garden.

A Gazebo

A gazebo is best used as a temporary structure for a larger garden when you want to provide an additional room outside for you and your guests. They come in a range of sizes and without or without walls. The great thing about a gazebo is that it can protect a gathering from a sudden change in weather, which is typical of a British summer. There are also smaller gazebos for a family to enjoy that don’t cost a fortune.

Decorative screens

Screening in a garden can help you to divide your garden into compartments. The best garden designs are layered with different parts of the garden serving varied purposes. When you talk to designers, they go so far as to call these different areas rooms. The screens can help to create these compartments and do other jobs. The screens will provide some privacy while also offering shade from the sun. Some beautiful screens out there will add much to the beauty of your garden design.

A Pagoda

Ready to go big or go home? The Japanese know how to provide shade and beauty in a garden. A pagoda will offer a similar structure to a gazebo, but they are architecturally stunning. The original pagodas were used to celebrate religious leaders and were massive. The pagoda for your garden would be a shrunken version and offer shade from the sun and protection from adverse weather.


The final suggestion is simpler. Nature often provides, and we do not need to look for an external structure. Trees and large bushes can offer you all the shade you need in your garden without investing in anything else. You don’t have to buy a species that will take years to offer this shade. Instead, you can for a tree such as a birch that will be to a decent height in 4 years.


Getting shade from the sun is essentially about enjoying your space when it all gets a bit hot. You need to avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight, and the right equipment in the right space can also be a design feature of your garden.