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How to do a spa day at home

Fancy a spa day? Well, you don’t have to fork out hundreds of pounds and travel the length of the country to feel relaxed. You can do it at home. Sure, it’s not going to be exactly the same. But it will still help you chill out on your day off. Here’s how to do a spa day at home.

Prepare your home

You can make your home feel like a spa by making some small changes. For instance, replace your regular shower head with a rainwater one. You won’t have to change the pressure of water coming out of it, but it will still feel luxurious. Put up dimmer lights in some rooms (but not bathrooms), so you can create a more relaxed atmosphere. Play some calming music too.

Get a sheet mask 

A sheet mask is a bandage made of fabric that contains ingredients for skin like aloe vera and cucumber that will help you relax. You just put it on your face for 20 minutes while you sit back, relax and watch TV.

Apply an eye mask

Putting an eye mask on will help your under-eyes look less puffy and more rested. Plus, when you’re wearing one you can really take the time to relax your eyes and have a nice break from staring at screens. There are also full face masks that will help hydrate your skin while making it feel cool and refreshing.

Give your feet a treat

If you have time and space, this is the perfect opportunity to give your feet a nice long soak in a warm foot bath. You can either buy one for your home or use a bowl full of hot water. If that’s not possible then go ahead and give them a scrub with some exfoliating gloves in the shower.

Set up your favourite entertainment 

Just because it’s a spa day, it doesn’t mean you have to turn off your devices. In fact, you can do whatever makes you feel relaxed, whether that’s watching your favourite film, listening to a podcast, or playing at the highest payout casinos in the UK.

Give your hands a makeover

It can be easy to neglect your hands, but they deserve a bit of TLC, too. So, next time you have some time at home, give them a scrub with some exfoliating gloves and follow up with hydrating hand cream.

Relax in a steamy (but not too hot) tub

For a truly spa-like experience, try and fit in a nice relaxing bath. Add some salts or bubbles if you want – but don’t go overboard. You risk irritating your skin otherwise. Turn on the taps and let them run for a while to get hot before getting into the tub. Be careful not to scold your fingers as you test the water with your hands.

Taking a hot bath is one of the easiest ways to relax in the comfort of your own home. Fill up your tub with some warm water and add any essential oils or salts you want for a nice aromatic experience.

You can even light candles if you feel like it!