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How to grow your business in an era of fast-changing technology

Businesses have never expanded and changed like this before. Nowadays, to remain relevant to the public, you need to change your products and approach style to be as close to your customers as possible while having the same quality services. It’s a massive effort for managers and employees. Still, as we got through different periods and socio-economic issues were more persistent than ever, we discovered that it’s possible to go with the wind if there’s a systematic procedure behind companies.

Since 2020, businesses have been forced to innovate to help people and handle the uncertainty of the future, while the definition of corporate responsibility has changed. Companies got closer than ever to people and tried to protect them from misinformation. As courageous as they were, these steps for development and innovation were not easy to take, but the circumstances helped companies evolve. Whatever your business is, you need to be prepared for any changes and new situations if you want to be a reliable source for your customers, regardless of the fluctuations of trends. Therefore, here are some tips to help grow your business in this era of fast-changing technology.

Build a digital presence

An online presence is crucial if you want to maintain your business. It’s important to offer your customers more than just a product, but a whole digital experience, including communication and delivering relevant information regarding your business. Therefore, you need to implement a system that works for your business, but the usual things that you need to ensure are:

  • A professional website that can provide all the relevant information about your business. 
  • Customer targeting and retaining through social media platforms. Most people follow their favourite brands online, so if you want to target clients, it’s more manageable through an app’s features. Customer retaining can be done easily if you’re offering bonus benefits for the ones that are frequently interacting with your content on social media. 
  • An online store. You might’ve noticed that since the pandemic started, people valued online stores more, and now the number of digital buyers keeps rising. Therefore, you should prioritise your online store development. 

Invest in cloud solutions

Businesses are always at risk of data leaking and hardware failures. Maybe you’re not aware of how exposed your business is to different malicious systems, but you need to protect your customer’s data that you’re using. To ensure safety and not compromise your business, consider HCI solutions for your business. By providing your company with automated and secure networking, you can prevent the spread of malware and facilitate the migration of your workload.

Cloud computing can increase your productivity and quality control and give you a detailed insight into your business path. A hyperconverged infrastructure can support your data centre by consolidating storage by unifying all applications and data in a single platform while providing a streamlined database. Why is this beneficial for your business? Because implementing a turnkey infrastructure will include all servers, storage and management systems in one place, you’ll be able to deploy a broad selection of server vendors or buy a pre-integrated appliance.

Cloud solutions include disaster recovery and loss prevention, so you won’t have to deal with unproductive downtime (translated into revenue and brand reputation). Suppose your local hardware is experiencing any issues you’re at risk of losing all your data. Meanwhile, a cloud-based service provides a safe space for all your data, and you can access your documents from any computer with an internet connection.

Optimise the online experience

It’s not enough to be present in the online world; you also need to optimise and adapt your content and approaching style according to the trends to offer a complete customer experience. A digital customer experience (DCX) is the process through which you’ll interact with your customers. To offer the best services and develop customer retention, you need to optimise your marketing message and monitor all these interactions to know where to make improvements. If you want to start your DCX journey, here are some aspects you need to take care of:

  • Analytics. Optimising customer experience can’t be done without aggregating data about your customers’ journey while purchasing or browsing your content. 
  • Personalisation. If you want to capture your audience’s attention, you need to optimise the mobile and web interfaces, ads and emails. 
  • Regulatory compliance. While you might meet current regulations, you can’t keep up with all data privacy changes. To ensure you’re up to any new conformities, adopt a DCX approach to your business.

Improve your communication channels

Poor communication can lead to misinterpretations, further impacting your sales and brand. The most common solution is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which helps you use a fully-digital phone system for your entire company. Otherwise, great communication needs to be improved on two levels:

  • Internally. The way you share information and delegate tasks needs to be done efficiently, and your employees also need to learn to make the right decisions at the right time. If everything goes smoothly, you won’t need to pressure anyone in your team, and there’s no risk of burnout. It’s important to ensure proper training and try as much as possible to strive for employee retention.
  • Externally. Communicating with the public has never been easy. Still, if you don’t provide your customers with all the information, you lose the opportunity to retain clients and become a trustworthy brand. Therefore, you need to improve all communication channels. In addition, you can implement a section on your website with frequent questions and answers regarding your products and services to simplify the process of customer services.

To sum it up, every business needs to implement the latest methods and models of marketing to find the best solutions for their audience. If you want to keep up with trends and win your customer’s trust, you need to have a real presence in the online environment and provide security. Optimise customer experience and make improvements on the ways you communicate inside the company and outside with your customers.