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How To Improve Your Rental Without Upsetting The Landlord

The average age of a first-time buyer in the UK is over 30, and it is the same in America too. It’s no wonder so many people rent their homes these days.

The good thing about renting is the flexibility to move around without much stress or lengthy legal process, and the ability to live in a place where you don’t have any responsibility for the big bills, like electric renovations or kitchen makeovers. However, it does have its downsides, one of which is the restrictions on making it your own. Many landlords put a clause in place which prevents you from making any major changes to the decor, which can be challenging when it comes to putting your stamp on the place you live.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to improve your rental without upsetting the landlord. Let’s take a closer look:

First Things First – Check Your Boundaries

Some contracts state you cannot so much as paint a wall without breaking the rules. Some landlords, though, don’t mind aesthetic alterations like that as long as the house is as you left it when you end your contract. Check your boundaries and if you are not sure, ask before you make a change so you don’t end up on the receiving end of a warning, or worse, eviction notice for breach of rules.

Now, Let’s Transform That Rental!

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can transform a rental without annoying your landlords:

Planty Vibes

The houseplant trend is such a vibrant, refreshing trend that brings life into a property. It’s a really good way to rejuvenate the look of your rental in an easily changed, and affordable way. Just be sure to be careful with damp and mould, as wet plants can add to those problems.

New, Colourful Curtains

You can usually put up your own curtains as long as any that came with the property are stored safely and put back up when you leave. New, vibrant curtains can totally change the look of a room. A sunshine yellow, a forest green, a bright Mediterranean blue – the possibilities are endless.

Have Less Stuff

If you have to rent a place that is smaller than you would like, because of your budget, it is a great idea to have less stuff in the property. This creates more room and a better aesthetic overall.

If you have already decluttered and you’re still a bit ‘full up’ try using an affordable self storage unit at Storing.com instead. A cost-effective Storing.com self storage unit can house items you do not need instant access to like garden furniture, camping gear and Christmas decorations. By utilising this kind of affordable extra space, you give your rental some room to look its best.

Fresh, Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings like cushions, throws, blankets and rugs are very cheap and easy ways to make your rental look modern and beautiful. Every season, utilise a little decor budget for some fresh new colours and prints – it will make the world of difference without the change costing the earth.

Create A Homey Scent

Scent can be a way to feel at home, even if you have no strong connection to the items around you. So if your rental isn’t what you want it to be, try using scent to ground yourself and feel more ‘at home’. Utilise, or create a scent profile that instantly connects you to feeling secure, safe and grounded. Create a natural spray, use natural oils, use diffusers or candles – whatever gets you into the headspace of feeling ‘at home’ through scent.

Art Enhances Everything

Art is a fantastic way to transform a home without doing much to it structurally, or changing the aesthetic too much. You can use sticky, removable hooks to hang your art, which can be anything you like. We love a botanical print, which brings nature into the home, as well as more vibrant colours too. If art isn’t your thing, try hanging some photographs of yourselves up instead. Photos can often stay online these days because of social media, and we forget how much joy they can bring us in physical form.

Embellish Your Bed

The bed can be a really beautiful focal point for a room, one that offers you a peaceful nest of comfort and luxury, which is so helpful in a chaotic world. In a rental, it’s one area that you can absolutely go to town on, and be creative with. Think beautiful headboards, luxurious materials, textural layering and beautiful pillows.

Do Paint The Walls

Most landlords will allow you to paint the walls a neutral colour, or they allow any painting to be done with an agreement you paint the walls neutral colours again when you leave. So, if you are allowed to paint the walls – do. It is such a cheap and easy way to improve the aesthetic of a home. The chances are, if the rental has seen better days the landlord will be pleased you want to improve it with a lick of paint or two.

Paint is also a handy weapon against mould, which is a common rental issue. Wipeable paint that has anti-mould properties and water-resistance is a great idea in the kitchen and bathroom, giving the place a lift without causing any disruption. Just make sure you pop furniture and accessories into your low-cost storage unit to protect them from any paint damage. Plastic sheeting should be placed over the floor, bath, toilet, cupboards and any other items that can’t be removed from the property.

“Home is where the heart is.” – Pliny The Elder

The tips above can help you to transform your rental without having to worry about annoying your landlord. Hopefully, with a few tweaks, you can feel completely at home in your place without feeling like you’re compromising on your love of the aesthetic.