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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paper: Winning Strategies

The strategies described below will surely help you create a quality paper. Try to use them in your writing process.

Choose a Topic Carefully

Execution of work begins with a choice of its topic. This stage is rated as one of the most essential in the research. The quality and theoretical level of work largely depend on the correct choice of the theme so college essay help service recommend to highly pay attention to it. The selection of the topic is usually based on the scientific interests of a student. It should be sufficiently justified. The topic may be one of the current issues of science, which is insufficiently theoretically and methodologically elaborated and is promising for further research.

When choosing the theme, the student should be guided by the following considerations:

  • The chosen topic should meet the student’s research interests, individual and research work;
  • The relevance of the research topic should be explained by important patterns of development of modern international relations;
  • The chosen topic should be a scientific problem and provides for the mandatory availability of sources for research.

Arrange Your Ideas

The process of organizing ideas can be structured in the form of a diagram. However, it will depend on the individual characteristics of the student’s thinking. Some students do not start writing until they have a final result. Some start by developing a detailed research plan and follow it from the end. In this way, they approach the introductory part. They usually write the introductory part last. Someone, on the contrary, makes a detailed picture, consistently approaching the full text.

Some students start writing with no idea of ​​the structure of the work or the results. In the process, they jump from one thesis to another, from one section to another. Several times they try to change the topic, rewrite the section, find the data. They have the best chance of not completing the research on time.

Therefore, it is important to organize your thoughts and find your own style of essay preparation. The paper must have a clear and logical construction.

Thesis Statement

A thesis is an opinion or statement, the truth of which must be proved. The presence of the thesis is a prerequisite for any research. The thesis can be formulated both at the beginning and during argumentation.

Rules related to the thesis statement:

  • The thesis statement must be understandable and accurate. Sometimes people cannot clearly, unambiguously formulate a thesis. As a consequence, they cannot present the main essence of the work in front of the audience in a weighty, well-reasoned manner;
  • The thesis statement must remain unchanged. Throughout the entire argumentation, it should not be subjected to change.

Create an Outline

The outline of written work is generated by the student independently. It is based on acquaintance with the literature on the selected topic.

A compare and contrast essay structure is usually traditional: introduction, main part (three-four paragraphs), conclusions, and a list of references. The headlines of subsections, their ratios are determined, taking into account the specifics of the selected topic. All structural components must be logically interconnected.

Use Supporting Evidence

Evidence is a logical action in the process of which the validity of a particular thought is confirmed by bringing other grounded thoughts.

The structure of the evidence consists of three elements: thesis, arguments, demonstration. A proposition, the reliability of which must be proved, is called a thesis. Arguments are truthful judgments that are made to support a thesis. The difference between arguments and thesis lies in the fact that their reliability is justified regardless of the substantiation of the thesis` truth.

The demonstration is a way of linking arguments and thesis. The thesis and arguments can be linked according to deductive, inductive, or traductive inference rules.

For the evidence to be effective and successful, it is important to follow the general rules of argumentation:

  • The validity of the arguments used to prove the thesis should not be questioned;
  • Sufficient evidence must be provided to prove the thesis;
  • Arguments must be valid judgments. Their truth has been proven earlier and has no relation to the thesis.

Write and Proofread

The literary design of the work is an important element of its implementation. It is important to pay attention to the substantive aspect of the presentation of the material. This includes logic and consistency, general literacy, and compliance with scientific terminology and vocabulary. The style of presentation of the text should combine scientific endurance, accessibility of presentation, and expressiveness.

Start writing your compare and contrast essay, and be sure that you will be able to cope with this difficult task. If you have any difficulties, contact the experts and get effective help!