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Is Classic Bingo Terminology in Need of a Revamp?

Wales has always had a close connection to the game of bingo, where it has been an integral part of the culture in the country for many years. Indeed, many have argued that the pastime is actually more enjoyable in Wales than it is in other parts of the UK. Wales has been at the forefront of bingo’s online revolution, where it has been adapted for modern players. Now, with the game evolving and changing, could it be time for a revamp of its legendary lingo?

Bingo Has Changed in the Modern Age

The celebrated bingo calls of old have become synonymous with the game and have given it its identity. Some of them, such as two fat ladies and legs eleven, are known even by non-bingo players. Nobody would advocate the scrapping of these terms, but it could be argued that these need to be supplemented with other, up-to-date calls that are more in line with the modern game.

When looking at the best online bingo sites of today, it is clear that the game has progressed massively since the days that these calls first came about. There are now themed bingo rooms for players to choose from, some of which are based on things from popular culture. For example, there is a Deal or No Deal Bingo room based on the classic game show. In the olden days of land-based bingo, there was no such variety.

In addition to bingo games, online bingo sites have a lot of multiplicity in what they offer players. For instance, online bingo slots are now commonplace and represent one of the main reasons that people visit bingo sites. There are so many diverse themes available to appeal to a range of players, with standout options including Wacky Waves and Aztec Ascent.

Bingo Calls Could be Modernised

Bingo calls are still a major part of bingo games, and an aspect that helps to allure people to the pastime. But some phrases could be considered outdated. For instance, Kelly’s Eye is about Ned Kelly, a 19th century Australian outlaw. Doctor’s Orders refers to a laxative pill from World War II, and Dirty Gertie refers to a 1946 film. All of these calls are well past their expiration dates and could do with a makeover.

New bingo calls could be adapted to reflect modern culture, or even the drastic changes that have been seen at bingo sites. For example, top of the shop could be altered to top of the slots as a reference to the game’s growing popularity. Some bingo calls could be changed for the location in which the game is being played as well. In Wales, the origin of Kelly’s eye could be rewritten to be about Kelly Jones, the lead singer of the Stereophonics. Or Baker’s bun could be changed to Bale’s bun, as a reference to Gareth Bale’s hairdo.

With bingo having made a digital comeback and evolved in numerous ways, it seems like it’s about time some of its most historic aspects were updated. While some phrases are legendary and should remain, there are certainly a few that need to be modernised.