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Managing a Full-Time Job and A Side Hustle? These Time Management Tips Will Help

For some, having their own side hustle is the perfect way to boost their income and even create a new and enjoyable career. However, even if you have no plans to make your side hustle a full-time business, the prospect of juggling your home life, your full-time job and your side hustle can feel overwhelming. Even when things are going right, it can still feel like you’re pressed for time.

Thankfully, there is a way you can have it all. With careful planning and the motivation to stay one step ahead, you’ll be able to keep your full-time job, focus on your family life and make extra money on the side. Want to know more? Let’s explore some time management tips!

Invest in the Right Tools

If the time you have available to work on your side hustle consists of you trying to create invoices, chase payments and figure out how to write professional payment requests then you’re going to lose out on valuable time. Investing in the right tools to streamline your side hustle efforts will free up more time to focus on other areas and make your side business much more enjoyable! Using invoicing software can make the payment process much easier to manage, you’ll be able to get paid faster and even send payment reminders. Sending high-quality invoices and getting the payment terms of your side hustle correct is a strong foundation on which to build your business.

Repurpose Unproductive Time

That hour you spend scrolling through social media? Why not use it to work on your side hustle? That 40-minute train commute to work? Instead of staring out of the window, wishing you were anywhere else, bring your laptop and work on your marketing strategy. Go through your day and pinpoint the areas of unproductivity or “dead time” and make the most of it. However, always ensure you have time set aside for rest and relaxation.

Work in a Distraction-Free Zone

When you find time at home to work on your side hustle, ensure you’re making the most of the quieter areas of your home. Working in a distraction-free zone will help you concentrate on the task at hand, and get more done within a short space of time.

Create New Habits

Creating new habits and schedules that make your side hustle part of your everyday life will push your side hustle success forward. So, look at your daily schedule and make some positive changes. Get up an hour earlier and start some work or get to work earlier so you can finish your shift with plenty of daytime left to play with. Or get used to working on side hustle during your breaks at work. Every positive change is a step closer to success and revenue.

Final thoughts…

Despite what many people believe, you can have it all! Consider these tips to successfully manage your job, family life and your exciting new side hustle.