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Is Now a Good Time to Travel to India?

Those who live in the Commonwealth often feel a special relationship. India is the largest country in the Commonwealth, comprising 60% of the total population. If you want to get to know the other members of the Commonwealth, getting to India is a must!

Between the distance that you have to travel, and the amount of territory and cultures to visit  on the subcontinent, it makes sense that a lot of planning would go into the trip. Here is a guide to deciding when is the right moment to visit India.

Prices Are Climbing

Inflation is taking its toll on everything. This is a worldwide occurrence, and India is no exception. However, inflation is not nearly as high in India, as it is in the United Kingdom. This could be one of the reasons people in Wales sought financial help recently.

However, if prices in the United Kingdom climbed at an annual rate of around 10% in December, while in India it was at 5.72%, this could be good news for potential travelers. One Pound in September of 2022 would fetch you 88 Rupees. Today, you can trade it for more than one hundred. This is more than a 10% increase in a short time.

This year airfare in India has shot up more than usual. While winter months tend to be the heavy travel season, this year, the Indian regulatory agency has approved 1.55% fewer flights, and demand is jumping in the first year without major coronavirus restrictions. This all combines to mean that prices on airfare are sky high.

Saving and Making Money in India

No matter when you make the trip to India, you will likely have an eye on your budget. Getting there can be expensive, and, if you are not careful, being there can also come with a heavy price. Luckily, there are things you can do to extend your travel budget, such as eating and traveling like the locals, traveling during down months, and even online gaming options while traveling!

For example, many people play roulette online in India. In this guide, you can find the best sites in India where you can play roulette online for real money. They choose these sites carefully based on security and licensing, roulette variations, bonuses, mobile compatibility, and more! Some of these sites even have no deposit bonuses. If you are looking for a fun way to extend your vacation budget, check out these online roulette sites in India.

Best Months to go to India

Apart from the macroeconomic situation, another timing aspect to consider is when is the best time to go in the year. One sure thing is that every season offers something specific for travelers, whether in savings, weather or important holidays and festivals.

Given the geographic breadth and diversity of the subcontinent, it is best to look at different locations and discuss the different advantages and disadvantages to traveling at different times.

Visiting the Taj Mahal

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the nation of India, the Taj Mahal is a beautiful mixture of architectural styles. One of the things you need to know before visiting Taj Mahal is to avoid it in the tinder months. This is because it will likely be covered in fog, so you will not be able to enjoy it at a distance or see how the sun brings it to life.

Another time to avoid the Taj Mahal is on Friday, as it is closed to visitors for weekly prayer. Other than that, it is a beautiful must-see!

Visiting Goa

Goa is located on the Indian Ocean coast and is known for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful beaches.  Monsoons come every year between May and September, so this is a time that a lot of travelers avoid. In January and February, you will have plenty of sun and heat, while avoiding the hottest points of the year. In these months expect temperatures to have an average maximum of 32 degrees celsius or 92 degrees fahrenheit.

The remaining months are dry, but may be too hot. Of course, every traveler is different, as some may not mind the extreme heat!


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