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Is There Any Substance to the Sky Vegas Scam Rumours?

Sky Vegas is without a doubt one of the most well-known online casinos and players have been accessing their services for a number of years.

However, the gaming community has been raising its collective eyebrows due to the fact that this website does not appear to be accepting credit card payments and it has even been said that this site is no longer accepting bets whatsoever. It is nonetheless important to mention that rumours are just that. Until there is more definitive proof, the fact of the matter is that objective reviews are some of the best ways to judge the efficacy of any online gaming site. Let us therefore take a quick look at some of the services associated with Sky Vegas as well as what customers can expect.

A Brief Examination of the Benefits Which Players Can Enjoy

We should first mention that Sky Vegas was created in 2003. This signifies that their website is on par with other platforms such as Betfred in terms of longevity. This is also the reason why their portal is known for its transparency and reliability. Perhaps one of their most interesting amenities is the sheer number of bonuses and rewards which players can access. These are highly attractive to those who are looking to augment their profits or anyone who has been less than satisfied with similar platforms. There are a number of advantages attributed to Sky Vegas including:

  • Rapid deposit and withdrawal options.
  • The use of SSL encryption methods for higher degrees of security.
  • A wide selection of games.
  • Impressive levels of customer support.

It is just as wise to take an objective stance in order to uncover any possible drawbacks which players may encounter.

Are There Any Downsides?

As always, transparent Sky Vegas casino reviews should highlight some pitfalls to consider. One of the issues which some players have stated involves the fact that Sky Vegas does not support Microgaming slots. This might be problematic for players who have grown accustomed to such platforms.

Another potential sticking point could involve their deposit and withdrawal options. Unlike similar portals, Sky Vegas does not currently support Skrill or Neteller. Those who wish to employ electronic transfer methods are therefore somewhat limited. However, it should be mentioned that Sky Vegas does offer PayPal as an option.

The bottom line is the fact that rumours involving scams and possible nefarious activity will always circulate. The main takeaway point is that it is the responsibility of individual players to determine whether or not there is any veracity to such claims. When we consider the fact that Sky Vegas is one of the oldest and most well-known online gaming platforms, such statements should be taken with a grain of (digital) salt.

Having said this, it is not yet certain whether or not Sky Vegas will begin accepting credit card payments in the near future. This is why it is a good idea to keep up to date with the latest online announcements in order to make an informed decision.