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Is Your Bag Bad for Your Health?

If you love designer bags, as many of us do, then you probably don’t want to think about whether or not using your favourite luxury bag may be causing you health problems – after all, it is bad enough that all of the best looking shoes tend to be bad for your feet! However, there are a few ways that using your bag without thinking about the healthiest way to do it may be causing you long term problems.

Carrying a bag that is too heavy, standing in a lopsided posture because of the bag on your shoulder, and keeping things in your bag for too long can all lead to health issues, so here we’re going to look at how to approach choosing and using your favourite accessory with your health in mind!

How You Carry it

The way you carry a bag can have an impact on your posture, and this can lead to all kinds of posture issues and muscular imbalances, including tightness in your neck and shoulders, and even seemingly unrelated things like tension headaches and sciatic pain. You shouldn’t always carry a bag on the same shoulder, but it can feel very weird to switch to your non-dominant side, so we all tend to end up burdening one shoulder more than the other. The answer is to pick bags that can also be held by handles and to use them this way when your hands are free, switching hands to share the weight around. You can find all kinds of bags with handles and optional shoulder straps in the beautiful range at SSENSE, which includes the latest Saint Laurent bags as well as many other top designer brands.


If you tend to carry a lot of things in your bag, e.g. you use it for work or college and you have to bring things like a laptop, a tablet or heavy books with you, this will exacerbate the problems of potential posture issues. For these kinds of things, choose a bag where you can wear the strap across your body, or a backpack style. If you just seem to end up carrying too much weight in your bag because you tend to carry a lot of stuff around ‘just in case’, you can reduce the weight by opting for purse sized versions of things like hairbrushes, perfume and cosmetics.

Old Products

Most people are now aware of the fact that things like make-up have a use by date and need to be replaced. However, some of us forget that this extends to the things we keep in our bags, too. If you have some make-up or things like lip balm that you always keep in your bag, then remember to throw them away and replace them when they get old just like you would the ones in your main collection. Because you use the little portable make-up kit in your bag less than the other stuff you keep at home, you may not run out of it before it becomes old and can present health risks.

These are just a few things to think about when it comes to your bags and how you use them, which can help you to prevent any potential health problems your bag could be blamed for!