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Looking To The Future For Welsh Weddings

The gorgeous scenery that Wales has to offer has long been a favourite for wedding-goers globally, and so its little surprise that Wales Online highlights the downturn in Welsh weddings as a huge, multi-million pound hit to the economy. Both for those looking to tie the knot and for organisers, there is some benefit to be gained. The downturn in activity means more time for all-crucial planning.
Extra planning
It’s so often the case these days that an engagement and wedding is rushed through without too much care for the smaller stuff. The extra time you can take to plan means that you can add an extra level of sentimentality to your planning, and add that little bit extra. Take, for instance, your wedding band. Wedding band etiquette has a long and storied history, dating back to Egyptian times. There’s a significant section for Welsh bands, and particularly Welsh gold – Hello! magazine highlighted this when Kate Middleton took on a Welsh gold band. You can use the extra time you have planning to do some research, and really dig down and find items that make you and your spouse-to-be tick.
The best venues
That extra planning time can also extend to the venues that you choose. From St Tewdrics house, to Treowen, to The Kymin, Wales is littered with incredible and varied venues that can give your wedding a feel of any type – whether that’s historic, current, or alternative. Use your extra planning time to research the historic sights of Wales and pick a place that really meshes with you and your character.
Your history
More and more Welsh people are getting involved in genealogy. The tumultuous history of Great Britain means that it’s sometimes a little obscure having information to hand on history and genetics; services, some highlighted by the BBC, are making this easier. During a long engagement, you can take time to research your own history and see if there are elements you can bring into your wedding – often the biggest day of your life. A good example elsewhere is the Scottish clans, where many people will bring their personal tartan into their wedding day.
The message is to use your new-found time to make your wedding even better. Time is a precious thing, and having a lot more of it means you can make every detail of your adventure more personal. Even better, make it personal to Wales.