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Man drops brand new iPhone 13 from world’s fastest zipline

How would you feel if you dropped your brand new iPhone?

Always leading the charge when it comes to drop- testing its phone cases, tech accessory brand Mous is celebrating the launch of the iPhone 13 with its speediest stunt yet at the world’s fastest zipline, Zip World, near Bangor in Wales.

Most ziplining enthusiasts wouldn’t take their phone along for the ride, but Mous did, sending its CEO and co-founder James Griffiths hurtling over a quarry with a brand new iPhone 13. James dropped an iPhone 13 Pro in a Limitless 4.0 case at 100mph off of the zipline onto the rocky path below. Limitless 4.0 is one of Mous’s flagship, ultra-protective phone cases.

CEO and co-founder James Griffiths

“Every year we do somthing seriously extreme to test our new iPhone cases and we always try something more daring than we’ve ever done in the past. It can be tough to think up more intense drop-tests but we think 100mph fits the bill,” said James live on the scene.

Lucy Hutchinson, CBO and co-founder of Mous, spoke from the stunt location in Wales, “We always say that we believe in show not tell, and we take that pretty seriously! We make really big claims about how protective our products are, but we’re also really serious about proving that those claims are true. I reckon that we’ve proven today that our cases are just as protective as we promise.”

The new iPhone 13 was dropped in the Limitless 4.0 case, Mous’s signature range. This case uses innovative, impact-absorbing AiroShockTM technology that absorbs the energy from a drop or shock – energy that would normally be absorbed by your phone, causing massive internal and external damage. It’s still extremely slim so there’s minimal bulk. The case comes in a variety of material designs and finishes, including carbon fire, black leather and real walnut, while being fully MagSafe® compatible.

Mous were one of the first tech brands to respond to Apple’s MagSafe when Apple relaunched MagSafe last year – they’ve been making seriously protective, magnetically optimised cases for years with their groundbreaking AutoAlign and AutoAlign+ technology. It was only natural that they bring that approach to product development to the new, MagSafe enabled iPhone models.

James added, “We started Mous because we realised that your tech accessories could actually enhance and expand your day-to-day technology. The whole idea is that you should be able to ask for more from your tech – especially the tech you use every day.”

No matter what your everyday life looks like – whether that’s a zipline on the weekend or zipping to your office on a weekday – you can trust that Mous’s extreme protection will have you covered. Mous products elevate the experiences you have with your everyday tech, every day.

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