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Monster Jam thrills Cardiff with high-octane action in 2024

The event returned to Cardiff after a five-year hiatus on 6th July 2024, bringing excitement back to the Principality Stadium​

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

The adrenaline-fuelled spectacle of Monster Jam roared into Cardiff’s Principality Stadium this weekend, captivating thousands of fans with its electrifying display of monster trucks, gravity-defying stunts, and high-speed racing.

The event, a cornerstone of the Monster Jam tour, brought together some of the world’s most skilled drivers and their awe-inspiring vehicles for a day of unforgettable entertainment.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Monster Jam first came to Cardiff in 2007 and it has been five years since its last show in the capital. The high-octane event, which features massive trucks performing incredible stunts and races, has become a popular attraction, so fans were elated with its revival on Saturday.

A Day of Monster Mayhem

The fun begins from 10am when the pit party opens to fans in the stadium. The pit party allows you to get up close with your favourite trucks and meet some of the superstars too. Here inside the stadium, fans can queue for photos and get driver autographs, as well as official merchandise. The pit party closed around half an hour before the gates opened, so fans have to leave the stadium and return at 1:30pm to take their seats.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Monster Jam is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, and this event was no exception.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

The event also featured interactive zones where fans could try their hand at driving remote-controlled monster trucks, and even participate in tyre-changing contests. Fans were treated to a tyre change of El Toro Loco, where they weigh up to 290kg each.  These activities added an extra layer of engagement, making the experience even more memorable for attendees.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

From the moment the gates opened, the air buzzed with anticipation. Fans of all ages, many dressed in their favourite truck-themed apparel, eagerly awaited the start of the show.

The main event kicked off at 3pm with a grand introduction, featuring the iconic Monster Jam trucks rolling out to thunderous applause and cheers.

Spectacular Performances

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the freestyle competition. Drivers pushed their 12,000-pound trucks to the limit, performing jaw-dropping stunts including backflips, wheelies, and massive jumps. The crowd went wild as veteran driver Matt Cody in “Grave Digger” secured a near-perfect score, winning the freestyle category complete with sparks and all. No doubt a fan favourite and one of ours too.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

In addition to freestyle, fans were treated to heart-pounding races where trucks sped around the dirt track, navigating sharp turns and flying over ramps in a bid for the fastest time. The racing segment saw intense competition, with Charlie Pauken the most expereienced driver (37 yeats) in “Megalodon” narrowly defeated by new comer Brandon Arthur in his debut year as a fulltime driver.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Blake Granger in El Toro Loco was another standout favourite of the Cardiff audience. The vehicle, known for its distinctive nostril steam, certainly made an impression on the crowd.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Another big hit was Thor, driven by Myranda Cozad. A near-perfect flip saw the vehicle tumble and crash with a cloud of smoke. Despite the dramatic incident, Myranda quickly appeared unphased, waving to the crowd to show she was okay.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Needless to say, Thor was probably the most damaged vehicle, with the roof noticeably caved in.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-Man, driven by Bernard, had a less stellar performance. The vehicle cut out right at the start, and despite a spirited comeback that the audience loved, it continued to have problems and ultimately was out of the competition again.

A Successful Event

The Monster Jam in Cardiff was not just a hit with fans but also a testament to the seamless organisation and execution of the event. The Principality Stadium proved to be an ideal venue, accommodating the massive trucks and providing excellent views from every seat. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd reflected the success of the event, which ran smoothly from start to finish.

Monster Jam 2024. Credit: Rhys Gregory / Wales 247

Undoubtedly, Monster Jam is one of the most entertaining motorsport events in the city, especially for families, with audiences both young and old enjoying it alike. The inclusion of Marvel characters is a big hit. With Smyths as a sponsor and a range of Monster Jam truck toys available, it’s a winning combination for kids. Having never attended one of these events before, we had a fantastic time and would definitely come again. Let’s hope it won’t be another five years before it returns.

Looking Ahead

As the trucks roared off into the sunset and the stadium emptied, fans left with smiles, memories, and the hope of Monster Jam’s return. The event highlighted the enduring popularity of monster truck shows and the unique thrill they bring to motorsport enthusiasts.

Monster Jam continues onwards to London next weekend, bringing the excitement and spectacle to the big smoke and more cities around the world. For those who witnessed the Cardiff event, it was a day of high-octane fun and heart-stopping action that will be remembered for years to come.