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More traders backing Swansea city centre campaign

Nick Doshanjh, owner of Hobos – a vintage clothing shop on Oxford Street

More traders are showing their backing for a new campaign aimed at supporting Swansea city centre.

The #EnjoyYourCityCentre campaign has recently been launched by Swansea Council to help raise awareness of all the shops, restaurants, pubs, activity providers and other businesses in the city centre.

The council will be showcasing these businesses on its Facebook and Instagram accounts in the coming weeks and months to encourage more people to visit the city centre and discover everything that’s available there.

Nick Doshanjh, owner of Hobos – a vintage clothing shop on Oxford Street – said: “The new university accommodation in the area has been a gamechanger for us, but anything that can be done to further raise awareness of the city centre and all its businesses is a great thing.

“The appearance of the city centre is now far better than it was about 10 years ago with far more greenery, but I’m also excited about the redevelopment work that’s happening at buildings like the former BHS unit.

“You can see a lot of work in progress and it’s really encouraging because it will benefit businesses like mine.”

Recent statistics show the city centre has hundreds of businesses, ranging from retailers and hospitality businesses to entertainment venues and professional service providers.

For most council-run car parks in the city centre, you’ll pay no more than £5 for a full day – and only £1 an hour for up to five hours.

Russell Greenslade, Swansea BID (Business Improvement District) chief executive, said:

“We are thrilled to lend our voice and support to the #EnjoyYourCityCentre campaign in Swansea. Our city centre is not just a collection of buildings – it’s the heart and soul of our fast-growing city.

“The businesses that make up our city centre aren’t just places to shop, eat, or unwind – they are the livelihoods of thousands of people who, in turn, support the very community they call home. Our friends and neighbours run and work in these businesses and have invested their passion, time, and resources to create vibrant spaces for us to enjoy.

“The city centre is the lifeblood of Swansea and its success ripples throughout the entire community. It provides jobs and generates revenue, and by shopping and engaging in the city centre, you are helping us build a stronger and more vibrant Swansea.

“So please embrace the #EnjoyYourCityCentre campaign and make it a point to explore all our city centre offers. Discover the unique independent shops and relish the many cafes, bars and restaurants. In doing so, you support local businesses, helping us grow and flourish as a city centre.

“Your choices matter, and together we can ensure that our city centre grows and thrives as a hub of commerce, culture and community for years to come.”