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National Survey for Wales results show increase in satisfaction rates for GP Care in Wales

The latest National Survey for Wales results show an increase of 7 per cent to 93 per cent of people satisfied with their standard of GP care.

Commenting on the survey, Nesta Lloyd-Jones, Interim Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation said:

“It’s positive to see a significant increase in satisfaction rates for GP care in Wales and also an increase in satisfaction rates for hospital treatment in this year’s results. The results emphasise the fact NHS staff at all levels are committed to making sure that all patients receive the high standards of care and deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

“Everyone working within the NHS in Wales should be proud of these results, particularly at a time when the system is transitioning from an acute service to a wellness service, and from hospitals and into our communities. Over the last year we have seen innovative care models piloted across Wales which are helping to improve the care we can provide. These results should provide further motivation to make these initiatives the norm and available to everyone in Wales.

“However, it is also crucial we do not take our eye off the ball. Yes, these results are positive and should be celebrated, but we must continue to work to make improvements on every level, including making care more accessible for patients.”