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New Dragon cheese gems are launched with tasty recipes

South Caernarfon Creameries has recently launched its premium range of cheese, Dragon Handcrafted Range, with new flavours and new packaging, and now stocked in Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Matured in Llanfair Slate Caverns in North Wales, the Dragon Handcrafted selection has been named after precious gemstones and metals – Cavern Platinum, a vintage cheddar, Cavern Ruby, a Welsh red Leicester, Cavern Emerald, cheddar blended with leek and lastly Cavern Onyx, cheddar with the award-winning Welsh Penderyn whiskey.

With all four cheese stocked in Tesco, unveiling the new names and packaging for the range, SCC Managing Director Alan Wyn Jones said, “We wanted to emphasise the cheese’s provenance and heritage with the new brand and flavours aimed at the luxury end of the market. We wanted to make delicious and rich tasting products by adding a real depth of flavour to our Dragon cheese.”

By ageing in the cheese caverns, new recipes have been created to highlight the unique characteristics, with food and travel writers, Kacie Morgan of The Rare Welsh Bit and Llio Angharad of Dine and Disco blog.

Tasty autumnal recipes include Cavern Emerald Glamorgan sausages with Dragon’s very own Piccalilli Pickle and a Cavern Ruby Welsh red bacon tart with a pesto dip, with more festive Christmas recipes on the horizon.

Kacie Morgan, creator of The Rare Welsh Bit said, “Welsh Glamorgan sausages or ‘Selsig Morgannwg’ are closer to a savoury rissole or croquette than a traditional sausage, as they don’t actually contain any meat at all. They’re thought to have been popular during WW2, when meat was rationed, but the first known mention of them was in the 1850s, when George Borrow raved about eating Glamorgan sausages for breakfast in Wild Wales.

“For an easy yet tasty twist on traditional Welsh Glamorgan sausages, my recipe uses Dragon’s Handcrafted cavern-aged, leek-infused Cavern Emerald Cheddar to save on the hassle of washing, slicing and sautéing leeks. Pair your Glamorgan sausages with Dragon’s tangy Piccalilli Pickle and a crisp side salad, for a comforting autumnal snack.”

Welsh Glamorgan sausages. Credit: TheRareWelshBit

Llio Angharad, Welsh food and travel blogger of Dine & Disco, added, “It was great being able to play around with the different flavours each cheese has. My Cavern Ruby cheese and bacon tart goes really well with pesto, and a glass of red wine in front of the fire this autumn.”

Tesco are stocking all four Dragon Handcrafted cavern aged cheese, with three in Asda and Morrisons stocking the Cavern Platinum and Cavern Ruby.