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New interactive light experience opens on Cardiff’s redeveloped canal

Credit: Grant Radford

A world-first interactive art experience, commissioned by FOR Cardiff, has been installed at the recently redeveloped canal in the Welsh capital.

The dock feeder, which is located on Churchill Way, just off Queen Street, reopened to the public on November 24 after spending years underground.

On Friday, December 8, just weeks after its big reveal, a specially designed light and sound experience opened at the canal.

Commissioned by FOR Cardiff and Christmas at Bute Park, Illuminated Reeds Symphony is a seven-metre-long light installation that will float in the heart of the redeveloped canal imitating reeds floating on water.

Created by Port Talbot-born artist Grant Radford of Accent London and Cardiff-based composer Ella Roberts, the interactive experience will combine light and sound to transport you from the busy and bustling atmosphere of Cardiff city centre to a serene and enchanting space.

Credit: Grant Radford

Dazzling LED lights and sounds of the Welsh countryside will come to life when you tap, jump or dance on accessible interactive ground pads, located under the canopy along the canal.

FOR Cardiff is bringing this world-first installation to Cardiff ahead of Christmas and it will be free for all to enjoy.

The sculpture mimics the elegance of reeds swaying gently in the breeze and engages with audiences through the immersive and interactive nature of the piece.

It is hoped the impressive cultural addition to the canal area will entice visitors further into the city centre, where they can explore all the wonderful, varied businesses found around Churchill Way and the end of Queen Street.

In place for eight weeks until February half-term, the free attraction will keep the whole family entertained over winter.

Carolyn Brownell, Executive Director (Interim) of FOR Cardiff, said:

“We are thrilled to bring this new interactive experience to Cardiff, adding to the ever-expanding list of attractions on offer.

The bespoke installation is free for all to enjoy throughout Christmas and into the New Year and I hope it will encourage more people to visit Cardiff and to explore this revitalised area of the  city centre.”