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New science show bursts onto the stage for the summer holidays

An Xplore! science communicator demonstrating an experiment as part of the 'Brilliant Bubbles' live show.

A leading Wrexham-based visitor attraction has blown guests away by showcasing science in action during its latest live show.   

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is bringing bubbles to life in an interactive experience, making innovative experiments and cutting-edge research more accessible to visiting families.  

The public show, titled ‘Brilliant Bubbles’, examines their properties and relevance in everyday life, and has made its return the first time since the charity’s relocation to Henblas Street in the city centre. 

Science communicators set the creations alight through propane gas, mix liquid nitrogen with washing up solution to make dramatic bursting effects, and invite audience volunteers to the front to place them in larger-than-life bubble formations.  

Visitors can attend by purchasing general admission to the centre, with shows running at least three times a day during opening hours through to 10 September.   

Xplore!’s Education Coordinator Cerian Kassam said: “Children have likely enjoyed experimenting with these fascinating yet simple creations at home, so we hope to break down barriers when it comes to understanding the science behind the materials we interact with every day.   

“Our communicators thread opportunities for learning throughout the event to spark curiosity for attendees of all ages, which will include drawing on how scientists use bubbles in modern day investigations.” 

To complement the centre’s exhibition space, where guests can freely wander through more than 80 interactive exhibits and experiences, the show is one of three live demonstrations Xplore! has planned for the remainder of the year.   

From 9 September to 22 October, ‘Disgusting Digestion’ will launch, using visual representations and audience participation to demonstrate food’s journey through the body.  

This will be followed by a new event, stemming from Xplore!’s wider partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry to bring 2023 to a close.   

Cerian added: “Live shows add another dimension to the enriching experience we create at the centre, as it means guests not only have the opportunity to explore the exhibits independently but can interact and ask questions to staff directly.  

“We are constantly working to introduce new engagements so attendees can learn something different upon every visit.”