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New Welsh Kombucha hits UK non alcoholic drinks market

Conwy-based Mark Pavey with his Blighty Booch Kombucha.

With the increasing trend for low or no alcohol drinks for social occasions a raft of alternatives to challenge sugar-laden sodas are developing. Blighty Booch, a high quality kombucha, has grasped this opportunity by bringing an innovative twist to the marketplace.

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Already popular in the US and Canada as well as many parts of the world, Kombucha is a fizzy fermented drink made from tea. The functional benefits of the drink are starting to be seen in England and Wales now too.

Conwy-based Blighty Booch Kombucha’s launch will help fulfil the need for a more interesting and healthier alternative to alcohol that the millennial and generation Z consumers are looking for.

Mark Pavey, a former successful music manager and founder of the company developed Blighty Booch after a health issue caused him to look further at the functional benefits of Kombucha;“I tried kombucha when I was touring in Canada and found it to be beneficial to my general health and well-being I developed a passion for the stuff. After years of working with some of the finest artists in the folk scene I’ve developed an appreciation for true authenticity and that’s essentially what I’m trying to do with Blighty Booch.


A resolutely Welsh drink, Blighty Booch captures the increasing interest that is surrounding fermented products in national and international markets.

Says Mark, “We sourced whole leaf organic tea from the world’s finest tea gardens and then blended it with Welsh water, time, innovation and expertise.”

Brewed traditionally in small batches and made from 100 per cent certified organic tea, the unpasteurised drinks are vegan, low in sugar, and gluten-free.

There are currently three varieties in the Blighty Booch range – Original, Cherry, and the intriguingly-named Blood Tonic.

Mark hopes that Blighty Booch’s launch at the Blas Cymru/Taste Wales showcase trade event in Newport next week (March 20th & 21st) will help his young company attract attention from a wide audience.

The venture has been helped by Cywain – a Menter a Busnes delivered project that supports the development of growth orientated businesses in the food and drink sector in Wales.

Says Mark, “I was recommended to contact Cywain by the Llangefni Food Technology Centre and all through the development of this project I have had help with branding, strategy, project management and have attended workshops and had commercial access to some outstanding industry specialists.

It has helped make things happen very fast for us. The assistance grows with your business and the relationship with Cywain remains a keystone for us as we grow.”

Says Cywain development manager, Llior Radford, “It’s been great working with Mark at Conwy Kombucha with this innovative soft drink, bringing in a bit of Stateside to North Wales.”

Blighty Booch has also received help from an Innovation Partnership Grant, and the Welsh Government and EU-funded Project HELIX, and is a member of the North Wales Business Academy.