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Newport based Entrepreneur shares her story of how she left school at just 15

Newport based entrepreneur Sarah Stone celebrated her 39th birthday by launching a book (last week) – and within 2 hours she had become a best selling author, with a book that she’s co-authored flying straight into No.1 on the Amazon best seller charts in 5 separate book categories. 

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Sarah shares her story of how she became Co-Founder of Female Success Network, a supportive community training and mentoring women in business, having left school at just 15 in order to enter the working world, with no qualifications or desire to run her own business.

‘She Who Dares’, already reviewed as ‘A must read for all women in business! Showcasing the struggles behind the successes’and ‘An incredible and inspiring read from entrepreneurial women who have let nothing stand in their way on their path to achievement! Wow!’– charts the journeys of 24 women in business, all at varying stages, but who as a collective have come together to support each other in their growth as they strive for their version of success.

Sarah who was recognised earlier this year as a leading female entrepreneur having been shortlisted in the South Wales business awards 2018, shares her story alongside 23 other women from across the UK, in a book brought together by herself and and her co-founder Abigail Horne of Female Success Network as a celebration of their first 12 months in business. 


Sarah who rejected the corporate world she was working in when they became opposed to embracing digital change slowly built up her photography business as her first entrepreneurial venture – a business that has seen her feature in OK! Magazine, and travel the world attracting celebrity clients and winning awards. However, overwork combined with traumatic personal circumstances led to Sarah burning out in the early years of this business, and she needed a new direction. Finally committing to focusing on herself she found a new love of online courses and a desire to help other female entrepreneurs also starting out in business – this provided her with a new hunger for business, bigger than she’d ever experienced before. 

Some of the FSN Members

Quickly, she became the ‘go-to’ digital entrepreneur, working with women to help them create an online presence when starting out, through an innovative use of technology that made it easy for non-tech clients to showcase themselves effectively online. This business grew and she expanded it to also create a platform that enabled members to learn, engage and develop, regardless of age, skill level or circumstances. This is what led her to where she is today, as her business attracted attention from fellow entrepreneur Abigail Horne, who called Sarah to ask her to develop a support community for a niche market which already held a close place in Sarah’s heart, female entrepreneurs. Deciding to collaborate rather than compete Female Success Network was born. 

This best-seller was brought to life by Authors & Co, a business developed on the back of Female Success Network, whose focus is on telling stories of those who are keen to inspire and leave a legacy, the creation of the book has been gifted to the contributors from their business mentors, Sarah and Abigail to celebrate the milestones that everyone has achieved.

Celebrating the women they have most closely supported through their Mastermind group, a small group that taps into 121 access to Sarah and Abi, through weekly training, monthly strategy calls and day to day support through a private Facebook group, the book went straight in at number 1 on Amazon after just 2 hours of being released. It is available now via Amazon at http://bit.ly/shewhodaresbook and is also available in a paperback version too.

Whilst Sarah is passionate about sharing her story to inspire others to really follow their heart when it comes to their working life, she is more excited about showcasing her fellow female entrepreneurs.

Sarah Stone added:

“I’m delighted this book has become a best-seller! Working closely with these ladies for the last 12 months we’ve seen each other through many highs and lows but these stories are really open, honest accounts that detail way back into their pasts and highlight many truly challenging times they have overcome. It was hard reading some of this but I’m so proud of them for sharing their experiences because I know this book will help others. I am also really excited about this book being a testament to what can be achieved when women have each other’s backs – this group of women have supported each other endlessly, tirelessly, with huge passion. The successes of these women, whilst the result of their own blood, sweat and tears, are also the result of a huge team effort, as they’ve learnt together, found confidence together and thrived together. To be able to celebrate this with a bestselling book for female entrepreneurs has been the icing on the cake for first year in business as Female Success Network”.