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North Wales plastic business expands with second site

AST Plastics Wrexham

AST Plastic Containers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic containers based in North Wales, has purchased a second site on Wrexham’s industrial estate.

The additional 70,000 sq ft site will be used for the company’s new plastic recycling scheme, which is due to begin in April. Over the first three years, AST Plastic Containers aims to recycle 6,000 tonnes of plastic that it uses for its HDPE containers.

Initially, four new jobs will be available on the site, with more to follow.

The company has purchased state-of-the art machinery in order to help recycle as much material as possible, with two new solutions being offered to customers. Containers can either be sent to the site to be washed and returned to the customer, or the material can be recycled, ground into granules, and made into new containers. This gives customers the chance to reduce their plastic consumption, as well as helping the circular economy.

AST Plastic Containers, which last year saw a surge in demand for its jerrycans and containers that led to an increase of 100,000 plastic containers manufactured per month, has been based on the industrial estate since 2011.

Matthias Hochholzer, Managing Director for AST Plastic Containers in the UK, comments, “We’re pleased to finally share the news of our site expansion, which we will be using to further our pledge to help advance the ‘circular economy’ – the system that aims provide a ‘closed-loop’ system to minimise waste, and to create new products from the recycled plastic wherever possible.

“This new recycling plant will allow us to wash used containers and return them to customers to be re-used, as well as recycling our own materials that we would normally have to send elsewhere.”