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Officers promote National Safeguarding Week in the Vale of Glamorgan

PCSO Rhiannon Cummings promoting National Safeguarding Week at Cafe Nero.

South Wales Police officers have been out and about in the Vale of Glamorgan this week to spread the word about fraudsters and how to make sure you don’t fall foul to one of their deceiving and dishonest scams.

With increasingly sophisticated scams, even the most knowledgeable person can find themselves falling for one of these cons, which can range from telephone calls, cold calling at the door, emails, Facebook posts and so on.

But with the Coronavirus pandemic causing people to feel lonely and isolated as they shield themselves or follow the stay-at-home restrictions and lockdowns, even more people have become susceptible or vulnerable to this type of crime.

With it being National Safeguarding Week this week, officers are highlighting how you can prevent becoming a victim of a fraud or scam and local bobbies have been in supermarkets across the Vale of Glamorgan to do just that.

PCSO Rhiannon Cummings said,
“We have been handing out leaflets to customers in supermarkets and shops to try to raise awareness of scams and what preventative measures you can put into place to stop fraudsters reaching you via the telephone. We’ve been to Filco in Llantwit Major, Café Nero and Waitrose in Cowbridge, Morrisons in Barry and Tesco in Penarth and we’ve had a great response from the public.”

Some top tips include:

  • Register your number as ex-directory. Always tick the box to prevent your information from being shared with other agencies.
  • Block the last caller – simply lift the receiver and dial 1572.  Follow the instructions to block the last call to your phone.  This is a FREE service.  Ask your telephone provider.
  • You can also block the last caller on your mobile phone by following the instructions on your handset or contact your mobile phone provider for further details.
  • Register your number with the Telephone Preference Service for FREE by calling 0345 070 0707.  This will reduce sales and marketing calls.
  • Remember, no company will ever ask for your bank details over the phone.
  • Receive alerts on current scams from Action Fraud: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/sign-up-for-action-fraud-alert