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Online dating is a lot more popular than you think

Humanity has been dating and using tools to communicate love for hundreds of years. According to Betway online casino, the first lonely hearts ad was recorded in 1695, just five years after the newspaper was first invented!

Which apps are the most popular?

The app that wears the crown is, of course, Tinder. Tinder is the highest-rated dating app in the iOS store in 86 percent of the 165 countries profiled. Badoo comes in a distant second with 7%, however in terms of actual users it is the most popular with 500m users – according to its own website. Bumble is the third most popular in terms of app store ranking.

So, there we have it! Tinder muscles its way to the top of app store download popularity.

Which countries are the most loved up?

According to this infographic, most Asian countries don’t have a dating app in the top 100 of their iOS apps stores. Any lonely singletons looking for companionship better steer clear of there!

South America, on the other hand, tells a different story. Of the countries researched, 10 had a dating app in the top 100 of their app stores, with Tinder (of course) topping the rankings for each country.