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Selling Your Home: How To Manage The Move With Children

Moving home can create a lot of upheaval in your life, and never more so than when moving home with kids. Getting your home ready to sell can often feel like a full-time job, and add onto that finding a new home, organising a mortgage and managing the children throughout, the entire process can feel daunting in the extreme.

As with any move, organisation is key to making the process a smooth and efficient one. Here are some of our top tips to make moving house a breeze.

Discuss The Move With Your Kids

It is important to have open and age-appropriate discussions with your children about the move. This can help prevent distress about the move and give them a chance to fully understand what is happening. You could ask them to share their opinions on properties so that they feel involved in the process, making it seem less stressful or frightening.

Secure Childcare

Childcare for moving day is essential. While having your children help with some elements of the move is vital to help them understand what is happening, the heavy lifting of moving day will go much quicker without the kids around. It may help to have them cared for by a relative or friend, so they are in familiar hands.

It may also help to let your kids have time to say goodbye to your old home, so they aren’t too confused by the move. This can be particularly beneficial for younger children who may not fully understand the idea of moving. You can do this the day before the move or in the morning before dropping them off with a relative or childminder.

Start Early

Getting organised early is crucial to make any move go smoothly. With kids involved, the necessity of being organised is even greater. You should start decluttering and preparing the house for viewings as soon as possible. It can help to cut down on the things you own to make a move easier. If you’ve been planning a major declutter for a while, then moving can present the perfect opportunity.

It would help if you also got your finances in order ASAP. You could talk to an accountant or financial advisor to get some tailored advice on what you need to save, the kind of mortgage you could get and other financial considerations.

Get An Independent Valuation

Having an accurate valuation for your property is crucial to get the best return on your property investment. You should have your building surveyed by professional surveyors who will be able to give you an impartial valuation. This can help you see if there are any things you could do to improve the valuation and attract more potential buyers.

Without stating the obvious, having an accurate valuation for your property is always important when looking to sell. You just need to ensure it is done by professionals who come with respectable reviews and are reliable. Reputable housing surveyors would be able to provide you with an impartial valuation to ensure accuracy. Through this, you will also be able to see if there are any things you could do to improve the valuation, thus attracting more potential buyers.

You should always choose a trustworthy surveying business to ensure you get accurate results. For an idea of the standard you should be looking for, check out GB Home Surveys who are industry leaders in providing valuation and other surveys, giving you high-quality, reliable results.

Find The Best Mortgage Deal

If you have spoken to a financial advisor, you will already know the mortgage rates you could expect to be offered. It is crucial when it comes to selecting a mortgage that you shop around and ensure that you find the very best deal. This may take some time, so you should have patience and explore all possible avenues.

Consider Using Movers

One excellent way to reduce the work that can go into a move is by hiring movers. Movers will do all of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to sort out the other logistics of the move. You could even use a packing service as well as moving service to make the process even simpler.

It is essential to choose dependable movers who will pack, transport and unload your belongings with care and attention. It may help to check out online reviews to find reliable movers in your area or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Have A ‘First Night’ Box

For your first night in a new home, it may help to have everything you might need in one or two easy-to-find boxes. For instance, you could put your kids’ favourite toys, pyjamas and books into this box so they will have a familiar routine as soon as they move in. You could also put the practical things you will need for the first night in there – kettle, tea, snacks, mugs, plates and toilet paper.


Moving house with children is challenging, but it can be done. It is vital to make a proper plan to ensure a smooth transition both in terms of the move and the sale of your current home. Moving house can be a confusing and sometimes distressing for children, particularly those on the younger side, so explaining the situation to them in terms they can understand is crucial.