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Online knowledge sharing platform launches to close the tech skills gap

A Welsh technology entrepreneur has launched an online learning community to help close the growing digital skills gap.

Stryve, founded by Dan Lewis, is a space for people of all levels of experience to learn new tech skills from their peers and share learning content that they feel was really useful to them.

The platform, which is focused solely on digital and technology, has been designed to help raise awareness of different learning and career opportunities out there.

Its ethos is to ‘share, learn and progress’. People can access and share content like courses, podcasts, blogs and events; review, rate and comment on other people’s content; as well as follow key influencers or trending topics.

After creating a Stryve account, users are met with a news feed that shows the various learning content being shared by the community and are asked to list the digital and tech subjects they’re either skilled or interested in so that all content is relevant.

Additionally, people can set up their own digital CV and apply for roles via a jobs board or link given to prospective employers. They retain full control and transparency when applying for roles,, and no one will be able to share their personal details.

Stryve is being supported by a range of launch partners, including the Development Bank of Wales, TEAMANGO, FEDCAP, Newport and Bristol Councils, and a number of private investors.

It’s the brainchild of Dan Lewis, who has founded three digital technology companies and raised over £1,000,000 since embarking on his business career in 2011. More recently, he founded Digital Profile, an online platform that matches digital professionals to jobs, which has now progressed into Stryve.

Pictured: Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis, founder of Stryve, said: “Regardless of career or industry, technology plays an important part in today’s interconnected world and offers immense opportunities for everyone.

“But what’s challenging is that a technology skills gap has emerged over the past few years. Statistics show that 11.3 million people don’t have the complete range of basic digital skills while 4.3 million people have none.

“At Stryve, our aim is to close this gap, give everyone the resources to develop new digital skills and enable tech enthusiasts to come together under the banner of learning.

“As with all communities, we only get real value if people participate.  So make sure you share any learning content or medians that you have found really useful, and build your profile so you get more and more value from the product over the coming weeks, months and years.”