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Papa Johns surprises Cardiff-based customer with personalised pizza delivery

A young pizza fan from Cardiff has sent a hand-written letter to the Papa Johns head office to suggest an out of the (pizza) box idea: to launch a sweet and savoury pizza. Yes, that’s right – a savoury base with a sweet-filled crust.

The pizza lover, with a clear entrepreneurial spirit, claims the idea would ‘revolutionise the pizza industry’ by encouraging families to eat their pizza crusts, as they’ve highlighted that while millions of kids enjoy eating pizza, most of them leave the crusts behind.

The hand-written note also featured an illustration of the pizza to help demonstrate the savoury centre (Cheese and Tomato, of course!) and a deliciously sweet stuffed crust. Confident that the idea would be a big hit with fans, Sam mentioned in the letter that “nothing like this has been done before, and I think loads of people will buy it.”

While Papa Johns aims to trial the idea in its innovation kitchen, the pizza delivery chain surprised Sam with a bespoke pizza box, featuring the hand-drawn illustration of the sweet and savoury pizza and a ‘Papa Sams’ logo, which was shared by the family on Twitter.

Georgina Howes, Head of Research & Development at Papa Johns, said: “We always love to hear from our customers, especially when they have revolutionary ideas to share with us. We know that pizza crusts are sometimes left behind, so suggesting a savoury pizza with a sweet crust is some seriously outside the (pizza) box thinking.”

Papa Johns was thrilled to receive Sam’s letter, and the R&D team will consider trialling the sweet and savoury pizza in its innovation kitchen.