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Paranormal Investigations return to The Silver Mountain Experience

A Victorian mine awaits visitors brave enough to conduct Paranormal Investigations at The Silver Mountain Experience this summer.

The Silver Mountain Experience, a popular Victorian mine visitor attraction based just outside Aberystwyth, is putting participants at the centre of its famous Paranormal Investigations events this year.

In a completely unique and thrilling experience, visitors who feel brave enough will conduct a Paranormal Investigation themselves by exploring one of the most haunted mines in the country in the dead of night!

There will be no one to hide behind, as each visitor will be given the tools, equipment and guidance to undertake various investigations. Participants will have access to various areas during the experience, from the historic buildings to the depths of the Victorian mine.

There will be a team of paranormal experts on hand to direct and guide visitors through the experience, but it will be down to participants to do the investigating.

Those partaking will be able to utilise a range of scientific equipment, as well as more traditional methods to prove beyond doubt that it’s not just the living that exist at the mine and buildings.

The attraction has welcomed many visitors to Paranormal Investigations in its Victorian mine over the past few years.

Tickets for this summer’s dates, June 18 and July 2, are extremely limited and must be pre-booked in advance.